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Does Google favor old and established domains in its search results?

The purchase of a new domain name will you put yourself at a disadvantage of SEO?

These are just some of the questions surrounding the age of the domain as a ranking factor, a topic that has been much discussed and debated over the past two decades.

We know that Google at least considered it as part of a document scoring algorithm at some point.

Keep reading to see if the age of the domain is really a Google search ranking factor.

The claim: the age of the domain as a classification factor

The claim here is twofold:

  • The longer Google has a domain in its index, the more it will benefit your search ranking.
  • The longer the domain is registered, the more your search ranking will benefit.

Basically, here’s the argument:

Suppose you registered two domains, one in 2010 and the other in 2020. Until three months ago, you never posted any content on either site.

This means that Google will consider the 2010 domain “strongest”, simply because it was registered more than 10 years before the second place and should have an easier ranking.

Does that seem logical?

Evidence of the age of the domain as a classification factor

Re-enter 2007, some SEO people believed that the age of the domain was one of the 10 most important rankings …

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