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The 2021 Digital Youth Summit 2021 (DYS ’21) of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, held in Peshawer, has opened to the public today, with a large number of technology entrepreneurs, students, investors and enthusiasts flocking to the site to hear some of the brightest. minds of the local and global computer industry share their knowledge and experiences.
Attendees began coming early to the event, challenging the calm on Saturday morning in Peshawar to reserve a space to hear speakers share their thoughts and to learn from trainers from global tech giants like Google and Meta (Facebook ), which organize workshops on key skills for the digital age.
The main sessions of DYS speakers are taking place in the marquee of a local hotel, with workshops on specific skills organized simultaneously in different rooms. A dedicated showroom showcases products and services from new and established technology companies.
The summit began with speeches by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister of Information Technology, Science and Technology Atif Khan and Information and Higher Education Minister Kamran Bangash describing the provincial government’s vision for digital transformation and the growth of the IT sector in the province.
Atif Khan’s speech focused on the potential for transformation through information technology. He offered his services to support young entrepreneurs in the province, promising them that it will help them overcome legal and financial hurdles as they work to drive the growth of startups.
“The focus is on …

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