Depressive symptoms related to a rapid decrease in renal function


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In a study of adults with normal renal function, those with frequent depressive symptoms later experienced a rapid decline in renal function. The study will appear in an upcoming issue of CLAR.

Depression is a common condition in middle-aged people , and can contribute to various mental and physical problems. Previous research has found a link between and fast decrease in patients with (ERC). To look for a potential link also in adults with normal kidney function, a team led by Xianhui Qin, MD (Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University, China), examined information on 4,763 people with healthy kidneys when they enrolled in China Health and Health Longitudinal study of retirement (CHARLS).

At the start of the study, 39% of participants had elevated depressive symptoms and, during a mean follow-up of 4 years, 260 (6%) participants experienced a rapid decrease in renal function. There was a significant association between depressive symptoms at the beginning of the study and in renal function during follow-up. Participants with frequent depressive symptoms were 1.4 times more likely to experience a rapid decrease in renal function than participants with infrequent depressive symptoms after adjustments.

“CKD is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and mortality worldwide. Therefore, identifying more modifiable risk factors can reduce the enormous burden of CKD and its complications related to early detection and prevention, ”said Dr. Qin. “Although our study does not show causality, it was shown that elevated depressive symptoms were significantly associated with a rapid decrease in renal function among Chinese adults with normal renal function. If further confirmed, our data provide some evidence of screening for depressive symptoms and effective psychosocial interventions improve the prevention of CKD. “

An accompanying Pantiet Voice article provides the prospect of a kidney transplant recipient twice with an American-born Chinese background.

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More information:
“Association of depressive symptoms with rapid decrease in renal function in adults with normal renal function” CLAR, DOI: 10.2215 / CJN.18441120

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