Cue Health launches DTC virtual health platform


Cue Health launches COVID-19 self-test DTC virtual health platform

What you should know:

Cue Health (Nasdaq: HLTH), a healthcare technology company, launches its direct-to-consumer virtual health (DTC) platform, making its first such molecular. COVID-19[feminine[feminine test available to people across the United States. Cue helps keep NBA players safe both on and off the court, supports the well-being of Google employees wherever they are, and keeps front-line workers knowledgeable at the Mayo Clinic.

– Beyond the testing needs of COVID-19, Cue’s virtual platform offers members on-demand access to physicians, certified test results for travel, work and school, prescription and services delivery of Cue products itself day.

FDA-authorized COVID-19 test

Earlier this year, Cue’s COVID-19 test was the first to receive FDA approval for over-the-counter home use. Cue is different from other COVID-19 tests, combining the speed of rapid antigen testing with the accuracy of laboratory quality PCR testing. Cue’s COVID-19 test demonstrates 97.8% agreement compared to central laboratory PCR testing in an independent study by Mayo Clinic. Approved for testing symptomatic and asymptomatic adults and children from 2 years using a lower nasal swab, Cue offers a comfortable, stress-free testing experience. With results delivered to a mobile device in just 20 minutes, Cue offers the convenience and peace of mind of trying anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Benefits and Costs of Cue Health Affiliation

Cue products are available as member packages and individual products

The benefits of affiliation include:

– Cue + Essential ™ ($ 49.99 / month): Get access to quality, easy-to-use lab labs and virtual care to meet your needs wherever you are. Includes a discounted Cue Reader, 10 COVID-19 tests per year, a 20% discount on additional COVID-19 tests and free delivery the next day at selected markets.

– Cue + Complete ™ ($ 89.99 / month): Enjoy all the benefits of Cue + Essential plus supervised testing of the COVID-19 for travel and even more testing. It includes 20 COVID-19 tests a year, a 20% discount on additional COVID-19 tests, free same-day delivery in select markets, and direct access to future Cue care offerings.

Individual products available for purchase include:

– Spot Reader ($ 249): Elegantly designed and compact, the Cue Reader processes test results and connects wirelessly to the user’s mobile device.

– Cue COVID-19 Tests ($ 225 / pack of 3): Available in packs of three or 10, each test is a standalone single-use cartridge that works with the Cue Reader to deliver accurate and fast test results to the user’s mobile device in 20 minutes.

Future Cue care offerings, all designed to be compatible with the same Cue Reader that can be purchased today, include products and services in the categories of respiratory health, sexual health, heart and metabolic health, women’s and men’s health , and chronic disease management.

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