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Did you recently come to realize that your skin has become drier, thinner and far more delicate? If so, these are common changes that consumers see with aging. In fact, the exact term coined for such a skin texture is “crépey skin.” A number of problems are linked with aging, namely, the skin loses its ability to retain moisture, while the body fails to produce elastin and collagen at once-upon-a-time peak levels. These are essential complex proteins that make up the skin matrix, now gradually disappearing as we celebrate every birthday that comes by.

Given how widespread the skin and cosmetics industry has become, there has to be a viable solution right? If not to eliminate the issue, at least something that alleviates age-related skin differences, wouldn’t you say? Luckily, the exact solution that one might want to reflect upon is none other than Crépe Erase.

What makes Crépe Erase interesting is that it doesn’t promote one product, but an entire system of products. This, in some ways, resonates with our ecosystem, which requires the role of every component for a complete and healthy environment. On that note, let’s take a closer look at Crépe Erase and all that it aims to do to reach youthful skin.

What is Crépe Erase?

Crépe Erase is anti-aging body treatment meant to alleviate dry, crépey skin. Developed by the team at Body Firm, all of products that fall under the Crépe Erase system are proclaimed as having a positive effect on “age giveaway zones on the body.” With a constantly improving proprietary complex serving as the system’s foundation, individuals can look forward to age-defying results. In fact, Body Firm prides themselves for their ongoing efforts in delivering the best, which led them towards advanced formulas that absorb faster and glides smoothly onto the skin.

What key ingredients are in Crépe Erase?

The key ingredient in Crépe Erase is TruFirm™, Body Firm’s exclusive technology that aims to help individuals regain their youthful appearance. It is supposedly powered by a triple complex of skin-storing plant extracts, which are known to help visibly treat and improve the signs of aging and crépey skin. How? It turns out that this respective ingredient permeates directly within the skin. The three components embedded in work in attacking the harmful toxins that yield slackened skin and tending to healthy levels elastin respectively.

An added benefit worth mentioning here is that Crépe Erase has been put to the test via a clinical trial of roughly 50 people. Treated as a perception study, here are what users reported after one use and by the fourth and eighth week (as stated on the official website):

After one use (sample size: 50):

82% of users: instantly smoother skin

84% of users: instantly improved, skin hydration levels

94% of users: skin was instantly softer

In four weeks (sample size: 49):

88% of users: improved skin texture in both the legs and knees

90% of users: improved skin firmness of the arms

98% of users: improved skin tone, and skin evenness on the décolleté

In eight weeks (sample size: 50):

91% of users: improved look in crépey skin

95% of users: lifted skin

97% of users: improved skin texture

Crépe Erase
Crépe Erase

How to treat crépey skin with the Crépe Erase system?

Given that Crépe Erase carries a wide range of systems to choose from, this review will focus particularly on one of their “most complete” systems to date called the “Advanced 6-Piece Body + Face System.” Below is a quick glimpse into each of the products included:

Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment (3.3oz)

Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment is designed to reduce the appearance of crépey skin, while removing dull surface layers. As a result, steps involving reparation and the overall hydration of the skin’s structure component will be commenced.

Advanced Body Repair Treatment

Advanced Body Repair Treatment is described as a fast-absorbing formula meant to ease “age giveaway zones.” In other words, it can come in handy when it comes to replenishing and protecting the skin against environmental pollutants and harmful toxins. Moreover, one can anticipate visibly firm and smooth skin that is free of fine lines and other problematic aging symptoms.

Refining Facial Scrub

Refining Facial Scrub supposedly exfoliates the skin to promote cell turnover, while attending to dry, crépey skin. This particular solution contains dill, apple, and sage – all of which may contribute to firmness, smoothened, brightened and younger-looking skin.

Restorative Facial Treatment

Restorative Facial Treatment is a treatment that is intended to target uneven skin tone and of course, crépey skin. It is considered a retinol body serum, which implies increased likelihood of firmness and elasticity.

Flaw-Fix Eye Cream

Flaw-Fix Eye Cream is expected to reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles, as it absorbs into the delicate skin around the eyes. For individuals who have been struggling with tired eyes, this cream is trusted to make them wide awake and refreshed.

Toning and Tightening Body Serum

Finally comes the Toning and Tightening Body Serum, a retinol-infused serum that targets uneven skin tone and crépey texture. Again, not only are firmness and elasticity almost guaranteed, but so is cell turnover for increased radiance.

For full ingredients list of each product, visit the Crépe website by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What measures should be taken to avoid crépey skin?

In addition to using the Crépe Erase system as advised, individuals should also avoid contact with the sun, and remain hydrated. It might also be a good idea to do consider healthy diets, such much of what we put inside our bodies are easily reflected on the skin.

Are there any essential oils that might boost results?

Body Firm encourages a variety of essential oils for crépey skin, some of which include olive, coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, pomegranate seed, frankincense, lavender and rosehip oils.

How long does it take on average to see results with Crépe Erase?

On average, individuals can expect to notice results within 30 days. Obviously, results will vary for each person. The ultimate goals should be to remain consistent in using the Crépe Erase system and simply giving time. Time is a crucial component here because crépey skin is something that develops over the course of time, so expecting overnight results is almost unrealistic, especially for those in the advanced stages of life.

Is Crépe Erase suitable on all skin types?

Yes, according to Body Firm, Crépe Erase is suitable on all skin types, regardless of ethnicity. In fact, people who don’t have crépey skin can also take advantage of the numerous Crépe Erase systems available as a preventative measure for the long run.

Can pregnant women consider Crépe Erase?

Though there is nothing against pregnant women wanting to try Crépe Erase, the truth is that in such cases, one’s skin will be extra sensitive. For this reason, it might be best to first consult with a physician prior to using Crépe Erase.

Are Crépe Erase products safe to use around the eyes?

Yes, specifically, the Flaw-Fix Eye Cream is deemed safe around the eyes. However, it is imperative that individuals avoid getting it too close to the eyes or even in the eyes. If any of the latter cases were to happen, one must immediately flush their eyes with water.

Is Crépe Erase backed by a refund policy?

Yes, Crépe Erase is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. Should individuals feel nothing but dissatisfaction within the allocated 60 days, all products (even the empty ones) should be returned with its respective receipt. The refunded amount will be less any shipping and handling fees incurred. Below is the necessary contact information and return address to proceed with the refund process:

Phone: 1 (888) 708-2042


Return Address: Crépe Erase Returns, 6 Commerce Way, Arden, NC 28704

How much does Crépe Erase cost?

Crépe Erase prices vary depending on the selected systems. Here is a quick overview of each system’s prices breakdown:

Advanced 6-Piece Body + Face System ($69.95/purchase or Subscription price: $52.95)

This system includes Body Smoothing Pre-TreatmentAdvanced Body Repair TreatmentRefining Facial ScrubRestorative Facial TreatmentFlaw-Fix Eye Cream and the Toning and Tightening Body Serum.

Advanced 2-Step Essentials System (Subscription price: $39.95)

This system includes Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment and the Advanced Body Repair Treatment.

For those looking to take advantage of Crépe Erase products individually (subscription prices in brackets where applicable):

Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment: $51 (or $43.45)

Advanced Body Repair Treatment: subscription price of $79

Lift & Smooth Neck Firming Treatment: $63 (or $53.55)

Toning and Tightening Body Serum: $72 (or $61.20)

Hydrating Body Toning Mist: $25 (or $21.25)

Anti-Aging Hand Repair Treatment: $22 (or $18.70)

Refining Facial Scrub: $44 (or $37.40)

Restorative Facial Treatment: $44 (or $37.40)

Flaw-Fix Eye Cream: $75 (or $63.75)

4-in-1 Line Smoothing Capsules: $38 (or $32.30)

Overnight Facial Plumping Treatment: $54 (or $45.90)

Flaw-Fix Intensive Lip Repair Treatment: $22 (or $18.70)

Flaw-Fix Refining Lip Polish: $30 (or $25.50)

Crépe Erase Money-Back Guarantee
Crépe Erase Money-Back Guarantee

Meet Body Firm

Body Firm is a brand that identifies itself as a “body-first brand made for every kind of body.” Though much of their products are tailored for aging skin, even those who aren’t exposed to such conditions can benefit from their solutions. Namely, one can consider Crépe Erase as a preventative measure for when they successfully progress within the aging stage of life. Here’s an extract summarizing all that Body Firm does:

“Body Firm provides clinically proven treatments that deliver transformative results – both instant and long term, giving you the results, you’ve come to expect for your face, for the rest of your body.”

Final Verdict

Crépe Erase is an anti-aging system that helps to, if not eliminate, at least alleviate the presence of crépey skin. Based on the analysis above, there are a number of incentives worth deliberating upon. First and foremost, Body Firm’s choice of technology and ingredients cannot go missed. The reason for this rests in the fact that both have been tested and proven to yield results. Given the vastness of the cosmetics industry, it is always nice to see companies that show their appreciation for science and research before promoting their products to the general public.

Next, the fact that the Body Firm team is actively working towards improving their TruFirm™ complex shows their passion for helping others, which is also nice to see. Finally, the overall value for price appears to have been justified through the different approaches taken by the team. In fact, they come across as being quite inexpensive in comparison to a few brands that are far from transparent. With all that in mind, it might be of interest to get in touch with customer service regarding the clinical trial, as knowledge on factors including age and skin type of the sample might give some idea as to whether individuals fit in the tested demographics. To find out more about the entire Crépe Erase system, visit here.


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