CRATIV thinks outside the box (plant-based) to create more sustainable packaging


How can the cannabis industry be more sustainable? It is a popular topic of debate for many industry professionals, and for good reason.

As the impacts of global warming seem increasingly apparent, it’s hard not to feel nervous about the future of the planet.

We cannot build a time machine and change the years of environmental damage that humanity has caused, but now we can make an impact.

Cannabis has long been said to have a packing problem, specifically an unhealthy relationship with plastic.

Strict packaging requirements that vary from state to state often require multiple layers of non-recyclable disposable plastic to ensure the strength of children.

If you’ve ever spent fifteen minutes breaking layer after layer of plastic to get to yours edible, you know how wasteful packaging can be.

Disposable plastic is made to be used only once and then discarded, which can quickly increase a lot of waste. The cannabis industry, and people in general, are scared of plastic.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: plastic is bad.

But Bill Ludlow, President and CEO of CRATIV Packaging, you see it differently.

All photos courtesy of CRATIV Packaging.

Speaking at the Emerging Virtual Cannabis Conference, he said that being afraid of plastic only distracts people from the real problem, which is humans.

He thinks people need to do better when it comes to how we buy products and recycle.

“Research shows that 80% of the rubbish is intentional and carried out by people, this is you and me, this is us, this is the consumer,” Ludlow said. “We have to take control, we have to be part of the solution. Should we ban plastics to protect ourselves from the idiots we are? That’s not the answer. “

“We all have to come together, we have to focus on how to keep plastics in the circuit of materials. You have the power, you are the consumer, you can drive the market towards sustainability if we do it together. Check your facts: be a hero, not a hater, “Ludlow said.

CRATIV Packaging creates some of the most sustainable and resilient marijuana packaging for children in North America.

The company is constantly, literally, thinking outside the box and creating innovative, recyclable packaging for the cannabis industry.

Its new products further demonstrate its commitment to a greener future.

The company recently announced its new USDA-certified BioPreferred packaging, which is designed and manufactured in North America with a blend of plant-based renewable materials.

By using biologically based renewable materials, it eliminates the need for petroleum-derived materials. The aesthetically pleasing CRATIV PB (plant-based) packaging comes in black, white and natural colors.

Allow pre-roll, edible and flower growers to bring their product to market in a more sustainable and fashionable way.

Herbal products are now available to order and meet national CFR and ISO child safety requirements, maintaining USDA-BioPreferred certification and meeting FDA standards for food grade products.

“CRATIV Earth is our mission and we consider it our responsibility to be environmentally friendly with our actions and products. Our motto is ‘Our planet, our home, our responsibility’. We take our responsibility seriously and are constantly looking for innovative materials and processes that will reduce the plastic load generated by marijuana packaging, “said Ludlow.” Our interests are to partner with our customers to drive and take action with focused packaging. in the environment rather than simply talking about what “could be” for the industry ”.

Along with its new vegetable products, Crativ announced its recent partnership with A planted tree to assist in the restoration and reforestation of natural areas affected by fires in the US and Canada.

This partnership will raise awareness of the importance of restoring ecosystems and will be a victory for the environment and cannabis users.

“We have worked hard to provide our customers with a viable alternative to disposable and disposable plastic products, innovation and sustainability are at the core of everything we do at Crativ Packaging,” Ludlow said.

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