Covid-19 vaccine status has been added to personal health records in Scotland


The status of the Covid-19 vaccine is now available through personal health records in most of Scotland.

The Scottish government has established an agreement with Orion Health to allow health and access workers access to a person’s Covid vaccine history.

The information about the blows, which is in the National Clinical Data Warehouse (NCDS), is configured to be displayed in shared care records and can be accessed in a variety of clinical settings.

Orion Health’s shared care record is used in 11 of the country’s 14 health councils.

Clinicians from four health boards in the north of Scotland, who use a regional “care portal”, and from NHS Lanarkshire and NHS Fife, can now find out if a patient has been vaccinated, when and what vaccine they received.

The remaining health councils in Scotland are in the process of deployment or deployment planning, with the same functionality.

Iain Ross, head of eHealth at NHS Highland, said: “This has been a good example of collaboration to improve patient support.

“Shared care logging is easy to access and easy to use, but this simplicity marks many days of hard work by many people from different parts of the NHS Scotland, who worked together to deliver this functionality.”

Currently, people living in Scotland can be vaccinated at a vaccination center or their GP.

The information about the beatings is recorded in the NCDS using a vaccination management tool created specifically, but emergency physicians and other health and care professionals involved in caring for a patient could not. see your vaccine status.

The Scottish government commissioned Orion Health to create a way to make the patient’s vaccine status more accessible. The records are based on the Rapid Health Interoperability (FHIR) resource standards.

Nick Willox, of Orion Health in Scotland, said: “The project shows how investing in open and scalable data platforms enables healthcare and development organizations to rapidly develop new features in response to emerging threats or clinical needs.

“By working collaboratively and making use of the latest FHIR standards we were able to offer integration in a very short amount of time.”

Clinical summary views within the Orion Health Shared Care Registry can also be used to display other vaccination data in the future.

Covid-19 passport

People living in Scotland can access a vaccination status letter against Covid-19 from the NHS Inform patient portal, if they are traveling abroad. The service has been available from May 19.

According to Scottish government guidelines, only those planning to travel to a country where a record of vaccination status is required as an entry requirement are required to do so.

Finally, vaccination status letters are expected to be replaced by Covid digital status certificates, which will include vaccine and test data.

Covid-19 passports also live there England i Wales, with From Northern Ireland it is expected to launch as soon as July 5th.

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