Covid-19 passports to move to Northern Ireland ‘starting next week’


Covid-19 vaccination passports could be available in Northern Ireland from next week.

The Northern Ireland Department of Health announced that season tickets could be released on Monday 5 July, ahead of the 19 July deadline.

The Covid passport allows people to prove that they have had both blows when traveling abroad.

According to a statement from the NI government, passports are expected to be issued next week “as long as cyber security checks are successfully cleared.”

Northern Ireland vaccine passports will be issued on paper when they are first issued, and a digital alternative is expected by mid-August.

Dan West, head of digital information at the department, said: “A lot of work is being done to carry out the Northern Ireland plan. Unlike other jurisdictions, we have not had the advantage of a pre-existing health services.Therefore, we are building our system from scratch.

“We also want to make sure that rigorous cyber security checks are completed to protect them from hackers, reflecting the degree of seriousness we take in protecting personal data.”

Printed passports will include “counterfeiting protection features” to ensure security around the data.

West added that governments and businesses may also decide to use vaccine passports for other circumstances, including national events.

“The goal is to actually have a Covid-19 vaccine passport: internationally recognized proof that a person has had both doses of vaccine,” West said.

“This will complement the existing traffic light system in the UK for international travel, which may include PCR testing and quarantine standards, depending on the location of the trip.

“While final decisions have yet to be made on how and when these vaccine certificates will be used, they are expected to facilitate overseas travel for people who have had both doses.”

Covid-19 passports online he went to live in Wales from June 25th.

Passports covids in England

Covid passports have been available in England through the NHS application from 17 May.

The NHS app now allows users to access various NHS services from their smartphone or tablet, including vaccination logs.

Users can check their vaccination status through the app if their GP allows it. This applies to all vaccines.

Since the government announced it would be used to access more than Covid passports six million people you have downloaded the application.

The government recommends people to register on the NHS app before booking trips abroad.

To use the app you must be registered with a GP in England. The government recommends people to sign up for the app before booking international travel and at least two weeks before the departure date.

Currently, the Covid-19 passport can only be used once a person has had a full course of vaccinations, that is, both strokes.

He NHS application is separated from the NHS application Covid-19 which was specifically designed as a contact tracking app.

You can learn more about Covid passports and how they work in ours explainer here.

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