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The COVID-19 Delta variant has led to an increase in cases across the country. Here is something that could protect you.

The COVID-19 Delta variant is causing an increase in the virus nationwide. Despite the vaccinations and the number of cases that had improved a lot, the Delta variant is highly contagious and we all experience a bit of deja vu. According to a former FDA commissioner, having the right face mask could protect you.

In an interview with CBS Face the nation, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner, said quality face masks are key to protecting us from the Delta variant.

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“Delta is so contagious that when we talk about masks, I don’t think we just have to talk about masks.” He said. “I think we should talk about high quality masks. The quality of the mask will make a difference with a variant that spreads more aggressively than Delta does, where people are more contagious and transmit more viruses and try to get N95 masks in the hands of vulnerable individuals in places where this is really epidemic, I think it will be important. “

Gottlieb showed so much emphasis on the benefits of high-quality masks that he suggested that even fully vaccinated people should consider wearing them. “It could be something we’re starting to talk about how to get better quality masks in people’s hands, because I think it’s going to be hard to order these things right now,” he said.

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The Delta variant is extremely contagious and causes serious infections. Gottlieb believes that in the near future, all people in the U.S. will fall into these three categories: they will be vaccinated, they will be protected from a previous infection, or they will catch the Delta variant. “And for most people who get this variant of Delta, it will be the most serious virus they suffer during their lifetime in terms of the risk of putting them in the hospital.”

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COVID-19 vaccines are very effective in protecting people from different strains of COVID-19, including the Delta variant. Cases of COVID-19 progression are very rare, but even if they do occur, the disease is likely to be mild. So, for all of you who haven’t been vaccinated yet, what are you waiting for? Get there.

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