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If you’ve been caught in the wee hours of the night camping by those tempting Flash deals, you’ve picked up coupons as if they were precious jewelry or you’ve been scrolling non-stop through the Lazada app until your thumb hurts, well … you are not alone.

I am a lover of online shopping and am proud.

Every year, I give in to the allure of pulling out my shopping cravings while sitting comfortably in my room. As I flex my fingers and get ready for the big shopping festival marathon coming up this 11/11, I can’t help but be drawn to the amazing deals Lazada has in store.

This year, Lazada has greatly increased its stakes compared to last year. From a sleek new car to a sleek million dollar condo. Yes, Lazada decided to grow up this year.

It’s not just this unique mass award. Shopping enthusiasts will fully understand my love for watching live shows and shopping events. Being able to relate to my favorite brands while making exclusive 11.11 offers is almost a sport I’m good at.

This year, Lazada is celebrating not just an 11/11 sale. It’s a game, concert and gifts, all in a mega festival.

With prizes, offers and live activities like this, can anyone say no?

The road to the heart of an online shopping addict

For newcomers to e-commerce, Lazada’s annual 11.11 in November is the main event of the year-end shopping season. Double 11, also known as “Singles Day”, originated as a shopping festival started by Alibaba of China in 2009.

It’s no secret that the e-commerce scene is saturated with many marketers these days. Buyers like me aren’t dragged down by a 20 or even 40% cut in products that you can easily find on multiple platforms.

Experienced online shoppers like me are looking for new and unique experiences to enhance our online time. So my interest woke up when Lazada 11.11 offered more than the usual e-commerce platform with lots of games, daily missions and an extensive flash sales list that makes me want more.

If you remember last year’s 11/11 sales event, Lazada had Korean megastar (“Oppa”) Lee Min Ho as ambassador. This year, they’re keeping us hooked with more treats. They’ve recruited the K-pop band, SEVENTEEN, and there’s even a concert to watch through the app.

Image credit: Lazada

In addition, Lazada offers buyers more treats, such as the Lazada 60 S $ bonus of 60 S $. There’s also a search for the “golden keys” to the $ 1 million condo at stake.

Lazada 11.11 makes this year’s 11.11 an affair to remember, even if you don’t think you’ll buy anything (although you’ll probably buy something).

Buy and play, and even win attractive prizes

Lazada has changed the game of online shopping with ‘Shoppertainment’, which fuses shopping with entertainment and social experiences.

Playing games to win shopping vouchers is one of the best parts of buying online. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent on the LazLive channel to get package deals on all of my favorite brands.

The e-commerce platform has made 11/11 this year more fun. From now until November 10, you can play the Lazzie Star game to win the coveted Golden Keys, which will allow you to win prizes. A total of 34 golden keys through missions in the Lazada app offer you the opportunity to win the first prize of a condominium.

Lace 11.11
Image credit: Lazada

To earn the keys, you must train Lazzie using “energy” to reach the highest level of level 30. “Energy” can be collected by completing various tasks such as completing missions, daily tasks, breaking the daily surprise egg and far more.

You can get up to 10 golden keys in total in levels 15, 25 and 30 of Lazzie Star. With these golden keys, you increase your chances of winning the ultimate prize: a $ 1 million condo unit in Normanton Park.

Last year, Lazada gave away a car, and this year it’s a one-bedroom apartment. Think about it, you no longer have to wait for a BTO. Let the Pinterest interior design board take over.

Image credit: Lazada

To increase your chances of getting more keys, you can also refer a new friend to the Lazzie Star game. That way, both you and your friend will each receive a gold key after the correct reference.

I know this may seem overwhelming at first and, believe me, it was too for me. After a while, you’ll understand, and the dopamine rush to help Lazzie on her journey is satisfying.

I like to play Lazzie Start at the beginning of the day to feel fulfilled and enjoy all the good vibes.

Aside from collecting your 10 Lazzie Star gold keys and another 10 to refer to your friends, you can also collect a gold key every day by buying 100 LazCoins for 1 S $. You can buy up to 11 keys for 11 days to increase your chances of winning.

To collect the remaining three golden keys, you can purchase the Monopoly PropNex Edition and get two extra gold keys. Each user is only allowed one purchase until stocks run out.

Just remember: you don’t need to collect all the golden keys, but each additional key increases your chances of winning this coveted condo.

Suitcase offers and instant payments without “queue”

Okay, here’s something else about shopping lovers like us. We can’t resist a good offer and discount. This may speak to my inner “aunt,” but the $ 6 discount Lazada bonus for every $ 60 is music to my ears.

I have been accumulating the Lazada bonus over the last few days to “deposit” that amount during 11.11 to offset my purchases. Vouchers can be stacked and used on top of store and bank vouchers, making offers even sweeter. Yes, this is a little tip for you.

screenshot for Lazada 11.11

There is currently a ‘Pre-Sale’ event for items sold at discounted prices. All you need to do is make an 11 percent deposit before 11.11 to block pre-sale prices of eligible items, to collect these savings on the actual day.

For example, I saw this beautiful Jo Malone, set of 2 pieces with English Pear & Freesia Cologne and Body Crème 15ml worth S $ 132; all I had to do was make a deposit of S $ 12, and I secured the advance sale price of S $ 110 and assured myself a set that would be sent to me when I paid the full price on 11/11.

Those year-end sales at malls used to be the highlight of my year, where I make big savings. But since I became an avid online shopper, I’ve been less physically tired, as I no longer have to struggle with crowded malls, making this the best part of 11/11.

Also, I’m pretty helpless at the siren call of the “Vote to Win” activity since I found it in the app, where shoppers can vote for their favorite items to try to win $ 0.01 purchases in attractive items.

These are not off-season or low-priced items. The list includes an Android TV PRISM + Q75 4K, the sound bar Samsung HW-Q900A True 7.1.2ch, a Garmin Vivomove 3, Microsoft Surface Go 3, and more.

Electronics you can win by Lazada 11.11
Join “Vote to Win” to store your favorite items like this Samsung Soundbar / Image Credit: Tech Radar

For shoppers who are more spontaneous and like surprises, Lazada’s surprise boxes are the ones they should keep in mind.

Here, you can get items worth up to S $ 200 for only S $ 79 and other values ​​at S $ 11 (for a value of S $ 50), S $ 28 (for a value of S $ 100) and S $ 49 $ (worth S $ 150), which is a great incentive to get the most value out of purchases. What I love to do is buy the bigger box and distribute the candy among my shopping addicted friends. After all, we love it so much.

Have fun: Live concert with K-pop group Benjamin Kheng

At times, an online sale may seem like a pretty lonely affair, but Lazada’s live activities can make me feel like I’m part of this celebration.

The atmosphere of the live playrooms is both intimate and exciting – the flow of live chat comments and the “I like” series of emojis always lifts my mood.

The camaraderie I feel with fellow shoppers as we prepare to see our carts together at midnight certainly makes the experience personal.

On November 10, from 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm, shoppers, including myself, will be looking forward to the countdown to the 11.11 Super Virtual Concert Show that begins with the Ambassadors of Regional Happiness in Lazada, the group of K-pop SEVENTEEN, as they take to the stage as the protagonist.

While humming tunes from the Korean idol group SEVENTEEN and entertaining Lazada’s resident discount director Royce Lee, along with local personalities Benjamin Kheng, Wang Lei, Jaspers, Nicole Chang Min and the like,

I will check the list of items in my cart next to them to rearrange them and make sure they are ready to be removed soon in case I miss any items that run out.

Talent for Lazada 11.11
Image credit: Lazada Singapore

When the clock strikes midnight, things start to get interesting with a special two-hour flash sale throughout the store with up to 90% off over 300 brands.

I will be looking for additional offers to add to the cart as a final effort before removing the first cart, all while maximizing the amount of my Lazada bonus with vouchers and eligibility for free shipping.

A moth in the flame that is Lazada 11.11

Lazada’s extensive marketplace allows you to discover new brands at the click of a button, with its navigation tools and suggested products that constantly appear as you navigate the channel.

You may just find yourself looking for things you really want to improve in your home and life, such as cleaning appliances, pots, and beauty products.

Lace 11.11

This is my “For You” page. These are elements that I have been considering for a while.

Shows the dissemination and variety of articles that can be found in Lazada. Lazada seems to be able to sell everything you can imagine, from the cheapest and most durable iPhone protector to luxury items like a gorgeous pair of Ferragamo pumps.

To sweeten the offer, Lazada offers a guarantee of the best price so you can be sure that you will get the best deals in addition to the vouchers to maximize your savings.

It’s no secret that I’m a serious online shopper, and Lazada meets all of my shopping needs, from the most important to those wastes we all need from time to time.

The best part is that I can do everything from my phone.

That said, mark your calendars for the next ones Lace 11.11 leaves and start adding your wish list to your cart now.

Featured Image Credit: Singapore Loop

This article was written in collaboration with Lazada.

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