Berlin (dpa) – After anti-Semitic protests in several German cities, federal government commissioner for anti-Semitism Felix Klein has called on Islamic associations to moderate. He called on the associations “to distance themselves from violence against Jews and attacks on their places of worship, to call for non-violence and to exert a de-escalating influence on Germany’s Muslim community,” Klein said Friday.

For him, it was appalling to see “how clearly the Jews of Germany are being held accountable here for the actions of the Israeli government in which they are not fully involved,” he added. Such a view is “pure anti-Semitism,” Klein said. Solidarity with the Palestinians or criticism of the Israeli government do not justify incidents such as those in Bonn, Gelsenkirchen and other German cities, he said.

Israeli flags were burned in front of the synagogues in Münster and Bonn on Wednesday night. In Solingen, unknown people burned an Israeli flag hoisted in front of the town hall on Thursday night. Gelsenkirchen police had stopped an anti-Semitic demonstration in the synagogue on Wednesday evening. Earlier, the Gaza conflict between Palestinian militants and Israel intensified after clashes in East Jerusalem.


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