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The use of more advanced technology for marketing purposes, among others, is increasing rapidly. We’ve seen virtual reality (VR) being used to set up simulated stores that users can do access with a scan of a QR code, and the development of interactive ads which allows users to switch from navigation to payment.

It is therefore not surprising that augmented reality (RA) is also becoming increasingly common for business use.

Fitri Baharuddin, CEO and founder of Arlet, according to a company based in AR, told Vulcan Post: “In my opinion, AR as a technology has improved a lot since its first beginnings and I think it has found its place in the market. RA is becoming a necessity rather than a simple one-trick pony. “

Even education has its uses for RA; with classes all online, physical experiments can now be done in school labs in RA, so students can still experience them in person.

Where Arleta sees an opportunity is in digital advertising, which Fitri described as booming due to the pandemic.

Interactivity generates emotions

“Arleta aims to increase sales with our advertising. Of course, the first thing you see with AR is that it attracts attention, but we believe that this technology can go much further ”.

Fitri also explained: “RA makes advertising more interactive. Interactivity can foster a link between users and content, such as an emotional connection. Emotions, as we know, will affect people when making decisions.

In other words, there is potential for RA to be a tool to increase these conversions. It can be made real use, with an example that helps users decide to buy furniture or clothes.

With AR, users can overlay 3D models of the items they want to buy with their home, allowing them to see how they would fit into a space in real time. They can also “try on” clothes to see how they fit and make decisions based on what they see.

However, Fitri noted that because RA is a relatively new technology, people are not familiar with how to use it fully.

“There’s a golden rule I follow when it comes to RA: never assume that people will download our app and analyze the things we give them.”

“They need a call to action. To use RA, the company or marketing team must guide their customers on how to use the RA function, ”he said.

Make RA more accessible

Since its launch in 2014, Arleta has carried out more than 100 AR projects and has worked with prominent clients such as Shiseido, Astro and FMC Music.

RA packaging has also been made for Santan and Hausboom products, book covers for magazines such as Gila-Gila and advertising for films such as Jibam and XX Ray 3.

But the team’s most popular service remains the RA business card, of which more than a hundred have been sold to customers as insurance agents to bakery shop owners.

Now, instead of keeping the wonders of AR technology to themselves, the team decided to make it more accessible by launching Kit Arleta.

The Arleta kit in use / Image credit: Arleta

With this kit, users can add images, videos or 3D models available in the Arleta library to create their own AR content. It can be used by creatives who simply want to engage in 3D modeling and RA, or even by teachers who want to use RA in classrooms to teach.

“While not immediate, Arleta Kit will help us increase our revenue,” Fitri said. “More content creators will raise people’s awareness in RA. Not only that, but it will increase the potential for collaboration. “

Riding the wave ahead of the others

Arleta herself has benefited from collaborations and networking MaGIC has been helping them since early 2017.

The startup got an office and advice and guidance on how to properly manage a start-up company as well. Some of the programs that Fitri shared that had benefited from it were Grill or Chill, as well as events around the world where MaGIC had sent Arleta to be exhibitors.

Arleta’s team against MaGIC in pre-pandemic days / Image credit: Arleta

All this experience has given Fitri the practice of coming up with ideas, getting feedback on its expert product, and has helped Arleta consolidate its reputation as an RA company in the industry.

To move forward, Fitri has some predictions about Arleta’s journey based on how COVID-19 has increased and improved digital advertising at a faster rate.

“As incredible as it is, it also makes it harder to stand out. I predict that the use of RA will increase at a steady pace once people realize that RA can make advertising more memorable. ”

“As for staying ahead, Arleta will drive the wave before anyone else. We make sure to consolidate our site in Malaysia by collaborating with content creators, companies and advertising agencies, ”Fitri said.

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Featured Image Credit: Fitri Baharuddin, CEO and Founder of Arleta

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