What Can Avid Travelers Expect in 2021? by Unbound Merino


2020 has been a year of uncertainty for many. Some have faced job precarity; others have had to contend with social restrictions, school closures, work-from-home orders and more. And for avid travellers, the uncertainty can best be summed up as a lingering question: when can people travel again?

Will 2021 finally bring about a sense of certainty for travellers? Will those resorts in Cancun or those canals in Venice once again open their doors to international jet-setters? And what will travel look like going forward?

As it is with so many things these days, the answer is that no one knows for sure. But travel reporters and scientific experts have a few guesses as to what vacationers can expect in 2021.

Can You Plan a 2021 Vacation?

The good news is that, yes, you can plan a vacation in 2021, in the same way, that you could have planned a vacation in 2020 – flexibly and with an understanding that circumstances may change.

It’s still entirely possible to research locations you want to see, merino wool t shirt is the perfect piece of clothing for your travel wardrobe and track flight prices on your phone. You can even book flights, provided that you verify a fair cancellation policy. The only difference in 2021 is that the vacation might not come to fruition.

Travel in 2021 will be contingent on a few factors. For starters, unmitigated travel, like the kind you were used to pre-pandemic, will be dependent on a full vaccine rollout. With Pfizer announcing a strong candidate for a working vaccine, this is within reach – but no one should hold their breath in 2021, waiting for widespread distribution.

More likely is that the world will see “valleys” of infection rates, as opposed to “peaks.” If case numbers lower globally, it may be possible to travel internationally with little restriction. Finally, travel will be contingent on government policy. Does your government, or the governing bodies at your destination, allow unrestricted travel? Expect policies to change throughout the year, so keep a close eye on the news.

If International Travel Is Permitted, What Will It Look Like?

Assuming international travel (for leisure) is permitted, what will it look like in 2021? According to experts, you can expect some or all of the following features:

  • Higher prices: According to travel experts tracking trends, expect to pay more for your flights in 2021, as airlines try to recoup costs from a lost 2020 year.
  • Contact tracing: Expect foreign governments to require your contact information upon arrival. This is for your safety, as well as the safety of their domestic citizens.
  • Safety measures: Hand-sanitizing stations, mandatory mask-wearing indoors and limited density at famous landmarks – these will probably be the norm in 2021.
  • Increased demand: Because most of the world was deprived of travel opportunities in 2020, experts anticipate an increase in demand once rigid restrictions are lifted. This could make booking a flight and hotels more difficult.

This may not sound like the travel experience you are used to, but new vaccine prospects and greater control of the pandemic have opened doors in 2021 that weren’t available in 2020. That’s something worth celebrating.

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