Cognitant Group associations improve information on women’s health


Cognitant Group has partnered with a number of women’s health charities and independent healthcare providers to improve the delivery of quality information about patients.

Through its Healthinote platform, healthcare professionals will be able to access and share content extracted from a wide range of legitimate and reliable sources. Recent partnerships include MSI Reproductive Choices, the Fertility Network, the Miscarriage Association and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, bringing the total number of such partnerships to 15.

Physicians will be able to provide a prescription information to their patients via email, text, or QR code. This prescription will indicate patients to a combined list of resources that is available at any time. The information is extracted from a resource library and will be available in several languages. In addition, a wide range of formats will help attract users, including 2D / 3D audio, visual, engaging and interactive animations and virtual reality format.

The platform will bring time-saving benefits to GPs, minimizing the time they need to search for relevant and reliable information. The content will complement the existing information catalog available at Healthinote, from the NHS AZ catalog; more than 600 NHSX health and care videos; and a library of applications approved by Orcha.

Dr. Juhi Tandon, co-founder and clinical director of Cognitant, said: “One of our main ambitions is to address and address health literacy barriers that otherwise prevent people from fully understanding their health and we offer information in various formats ensuring health inequalities and reaching people from diverse backgrounds. “

The announcement comes when the government closes the consultation on his Women’s health strategy, which identified improving the quality and accessibility of information and education on women’s health as one of its key priorities.

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