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As a place of healing and recovery, hospital air quality is even more crucial. The complex hospital environment requires special attention to ensure healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) to protect patients and healthcare workers against hospital-acquired infections and occupational diseases. CLEAN AIR MATTERS!

Hospital air quality matters. Learn how Camfil can help…

Children face a worrying threefold increase in air pollution during the daily school runs. Children are exposed to hotspots of air pollution in school premises like classrooms, playgrounds, drop-off points close to the pollution zones where the emissions from vehicle exhaust and combustion pose a harmful threat. CLEAN AIR MATTERS!

School air quality matters. Learn how Camfil can help…

Air is the invisible ingredient in every kitchen. From aroma to odour to molecular particles, studies show that air can be unhealthy to breathe when people cook in kitchens with poor ventilation systems. Moreover, the air in the restaurant building can be compromised by many different internal and external sources and even the spread of airborne viruses from the people within your building. CLEAN AIR MATTERS!

Put clean air on your menu. Learn how Camfil can help…

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