Classified documents from the British Ministry of Defense found at the bus stop News from Russia


The sensitive files contained details describing the movements of a warship that led Russia to fire on the Crimean coast.

The British government is investigating how secret defense documents were found, describing the movements of a warship that led Russia to shoot down the Crimean coast at a bus stop in England.

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said on Sunday that an employee reported the loss of documents last week and that an investigation had been initiated.

“It shouldn’t be able to happen,” Northern Ireland minister Brandon Lewis told Sky News. “At that time it was properly reported … there is an internal investigation into this situation.”

A member of the public, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted the BBC after finding 50 pages of classified information in a damp pile behind a bus stop in Kent in the early hours of Tuesday.

The papers include a set of documents discussing Russia’s possible reaction to HMS Defender’s voyage through Ukrainian waters off the Crimean coast on Wednesday, according to the BBC, while another presented plans for a possible British military presence in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Defense said that HMS Defender “took an innocent step through the territorial waters of Ukraine in accordance with international law” and that “all potential factors” are taken into account when making “decisions operatives “.

HMS Defender is part of the UK carrier strike group currently targeting the Indo-Pacific region.

However, earlier this month it was announced that it would temporarily separate from the group to carry out its “own set of missions” in the Black Sea.

The Type 45 destroyer caused a clash with Russian forces on Wednesday when it traveled by waters south of the Crimean peninsula, which Russia unofficially annexed to Ukraine in 2014.

Moscow responded by having several planes that had shadow of the ship at different heights, the lowest being approximately 152 meters.

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