CEO Of Beyond Enterprizes Brad Yasar On Why People Have Such An Advantage In The New Digital Age


Los Angeles, California, 11/14/2020 / Tan social PR /

The digital age has created a level of interconnectedness that was previously unimaginable. Everything from the speed of information traveling, to global trade, to our ability to reach others has expanded exponentially.

As Brad Yasar, the founder and CEO of strategic consulting firm Beyond Enterprizes, says, “Although we play less outside and ride our bikes and experience nature less, social media connects the world at a global level that was unimaginable before. Hundreds of years ago, traders used to follow what was called the Silk Road because they knew they could find other merchants on the way to trade with, and even more recently, we could barely communicate with people in other countries. Nowadays, we can custom order goods from China, among political turmoil.”

To Yasar, this development is a major equalizer for both people and small businesses alike. 

“I remember when I was younger, I wanted to produce music. It would have cost 50,000 dollars to rent a recording studio, but nowadays, the ability to produce music is literally built into your laptop when you buy it,” Yasar said. “In broader terms, novel technologies have expanded access to previously inaccessible tools for people and small businesses.”

However, one caveat is the data that larger companies such as Facebook have on each and every one of us.

“In a way, Facebook literally has a dollar value on our heads. They know based on what we have searched and what we have bought that if they showed you an ad, you’d pay a certain price for it,” Yasar said. “Could you imagine if you got a portion of that revenue they get from your data? Even if, say conservatively, you split it with Facebook 50-50, it would allow so many people a small financial safety net, and we’ve seen how destructive lacking that safety net can be during this pandemic.” 

Yasar, who is a pioneer of blockchain technology, thinks that taking back the centralized power is entirely possible. He additionally wants to provide everyone with financial inclusion.

“The typical investment angel investment in a startup in the US is at least 10k, if not 25k or 50k. If you don’t have that, you really don’t have the option to get in on the ground floor of a business,” Yasar said. “Across all of Africa, the average investment is only 500 dollars, could you imagine how many people we could offer the opportunity to invest in the infrastructure of lesser developed countries?”

Brad Yasar


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