Central and North West London launches application library with ORCHA


The Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with ORCHA to launch a new library of health and wellness applications for patients.

The library allows users to search and compare health-focused applications for free, and is supported by independent reviews of the Organization for the Review of Health and Care Applications (ORCHA) to help people find the proper application to support your health goals. In addition, the library will allow trusted staff to recommend applications to trusted patients.

Applications have long been recognized as a useful tool to help people manage their health conditions or support their overall well-being. However, there are hundreds of thousands of applications that claim to support health, making it difficult for users to identify those that may live up to their claims.

ORCHA has a team of people that includes doctors in active practice, whose function is to independently review and accredit health applications with strict criteria. This team evaluates the applications and gives each one a percentage review score, classifying it according to ORCHA’s key criteria, which include: clinical / professional guarantee; data and privacy; and usability and accessibility.

The Library of Health Applications, commissioned by Central and North West London, includes top-rated applications for a range of topics such as mental health, women’s health and neurodiversity, as well as specific applications. for conditions such as diabetes, Covid, and eating disorders. . Patients in the trusted region will be able to access the digital library to find tools that can help them with their health and well-being.

In addition, it will give staff working in central and north-west London the confidence to recommend applications that can make a difference in the lives of patients. The process is as simple as sending a text message or email link to the appropriate application, if agreed in advance with the patient.

ORCHA reported in October 2021 that the the demand for digital health products increased significantly during the pandemic and interest has remained strong since the lockout, so the new digital library should be well received by patients in central and north-west London.

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