Celebrating MinuteClinic as it transforms the health of people and communities


To say that today we are witnessing a revolution in healthcare is an understatement. Between telehealth, 5G expansions, and business intelligence analysis, the pace of pandemic-driven change has been rapid and will not slow down any time soon.

Cisco’s client, CVS Health, was on a path to digital transformation long before any of us had heard of COVID-19, and this week I’m delighted that MinuteClinic, the medical clinic for CVS Pharmacy’s selected locations, is honored by this work to the prestigious ANCC National Awards Ceremony, a celebration for nurses advancing the quality of patient care. MinuteClinic was named the winner of the ANCC Pathway Award® 2020 for changing the game for patients and physicians by activating a new Webex-driven virtual collaboration tool for their providers.

Based on Cisco Webex, this allows doctors, providers and patients to participate in high-quality real-time video consultations in a HIPAA-compliant manner. The technology brings a richer contextual experience to MinuteClinic visits by providing ongoing communications (video, audio, text and image sharing) to help providers easily connect with other healthcare professionals and provide collaborative clinical care. high quality real-time to patients.

In the name of Cisco, congratulations to MinuteClinic for winning this prestigious award and, most importantly, for making such a big difference in the communities it serves. High-impact change does not always have to come from a massive, multi-year transformation project. Doing the hard work of getting and staying on a continuous journey of digital transformation brings agility, where small changes can have a big, wide impact.

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