Smart Textiles Recognize Body Movements

[ad_1] Engineers at MIT have developed smart textiles that can detect and recognize body movements. The garments fit snugly, and contain a network of pressure sensors that can detect movement, and in conjunction with machine learning approaches, the technology can learn to recognize specific movements in wearers. The fabric contains conductive yarns and piezoresistive components […]

NHS website registers 500% increase in visits for heat exhaustion advice

[ad_1] NHS Digital has released figures which show the number of visits to the heat exhaustion section of the NHS website has increased by 525%. According to NHS Digital, last week (9-15 July) saw 185,184 visitors searching for health advice on heat exhaustion and heatstroke. In comparison, the previous week (2-8 July) had 29,608 visits. […]

Caption Health Receives CE Mark for AI Ultrasound Tech

[ad_1] What You Should Know: – Caption Healththe leader in using artificial intelligence (AI) and services to improve heart ultrasound access, today announced that it has received a CE Mark for its Caption AI ™ technology platform. – This certification represents the first step in making Caption Health’s industry-leading technology platform available outside the US, […]

Norfolk Community Health and Care expands remote monitoring service

[ad_1] Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust is expanding its remote monitoring service for patients diagnosed with health failure. The expansion of the service will allow patients living in rural Norfolk – who have recently been diagnosed with the long-term condition – to access additional support which could increase life expectancy and improve their […]

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells expand patient flow platform

[ad_1] Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust is expanding its patient flow platform into Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust’s four community hospitals. The move will strengthen collaboration between acute and community care, delivering shared operational decision-making and strategic capacity planning. The expansion is supported by TeleTracking Technologies, whose integrated healthcare operations platform is already […]

Designing Digital Transformation for Life Sciences

[ad_1] Dan UpDyke, Strategic Marketing Manager Life Sciences at Rockwell Automation The ability to navigate constant disruption is a prerequisite for success in today’s life science industries. To maintain their competitive advantage, businesses in this sector need to drastically boost their organizational agility and resilience in the face of unprecedented market conditions and operational challenges. […]

Can Innovation Alleviate Clinician Burnout? –

[ad_1] The U.S. Surgeon General’s recent advisory about clinician burnout cited numerous societal, cultural, structural, and organizational causes—including excessive workloads, administrative burden, and lack of organizational support. The potential fallout of this trajectory is alarming: The advisory cites the Association of American Medical Colleges’ estimate on clinician demand outpacing supply, with an anticipated shortage of between 54,100 and 139,000 physicians predicted by 2033. No one would argue […]

Artificial Muscles are Stronger and More Flexible than Real Muscle

[ad_1] Engineers at the University of California Los Angeles created artificial muscles that are stronger and more flexible than the real thing. The new material is an example of a dielectric elastomer, which is an electroactive polymer that can change its shape or size when stimulated using electricity. The researchers tweaked the crosslinking between polymer […]

Imaging Technique Shows Gene Expression in Real Time

[ad_1] A team at the University of Minnesota developed a new technique that lets them view gene expression in the brains of live mice in real time. The approach relies on two-photon excitation microscopy, specialized imaging processing techniques, and genetically modified mice that express mRNA that naturally includes a fluorescent protein. Using the method, the […]