In Lebanon, affected by the crisis, celebrating Eid is for the “happy few” | Hunger news

[ad_1] Beirut, Lebanon – As Lebanon continues to sink, celebrating Eid al-Adha has become a later thought for many Muslims in the crisis-stricken nation. In years past, the three-day vacation would be a time for hearty food, family reunions and gifts. Now, Lebanon’s constant economic crisis, political instability, and scarcity of basic necessities have made […]

Korea plans warship airlift after massive COVID outbreak Coronavirus pandemic news

[ad_1] More than 80 percent of the 301 sailors on an anti-piracy mission to Africa have been confirmed to have the virus. South Korea will air dozens of sailors on a warship involved in anti-piracy operations in the seas off Africa after the military confirmed its largest outbreak of coronavirus, the joint chief of staff […]

“I want to dance”: all the sidewalks COVID raised in England Coronavirus pandemic news

[ad_1] Nevertheless, the British government has lifted all pandemic restrictions in England, including rules on the use of masks and social distancing. warnings from scientists that the measure will further drive an already growing pandemic and risk creating new variants. The sidewalks rose at midnight (23:00 GMT) on Sunday as the laws requiring masks and […]

Afghan rivals agree to reunite after inconclusive Doha talks | Asia News

[ad_1] The Afghan government delegation and the Taliban have said they will meet again and have instructed to expedite their peace talks after two days of inconclusive talks in Doha, Al Jazeera has learned. Negotiators from rival parties, which have been in Doha since Saturday, said in a joint statement that “the two sides have […]

Algeria remembers an envoy to Morocco followed by Western Sahara Middle East News

[ad_1] Algeria’s foreign ministry says the move is related to comments by the UN envoy from Morocco on the Algerian region in Kabylia. The Algerian foreign ministry has recalled its ambassador to Morocco and hinted at possible additional measures in the latest spate of tension among North African residents over the disputed territory of Western […]

The top US health official warns of growing COVID infection Coronavirus pandemic news

[ad_1] The U.S. Surgeon, Dr. Vivek Murthy, says cases are increasing particularly among unvaccinated people. The U.S. surgeon general has said he is concerned about what awaits us, as COVID-19 infections are on the rise in all states, millions of people remain unvaccinated despite widely available toe strikes and are spreading. a new contagious variant […]

Iraqi protesters call for accountability after killing activists | Middle East News

[ad_1] Hundreds of people protest in Baghdad demanding an end to impunity following the assassination of dozens of pro-democracy activists. Hundreds of Iraqis have protested in central Baghdad to demand that authorities hold accountable the killers of dozens of activists associated with a long protest movement. More than 70 activists have been the target of […]