Care homes in south-east London implement remote diagnostic technology


Care homes in south-east London have implemented diagnostic technology that allows GPs to perform clinical examinations remotely.

Residents of 46 care homes in Bromley and Lambeth will benefit from the technology provided by Arc Health.

Funded by NHSX as part of the National Innovation Collaborative, the initiative will allow people in care homes to access their GP by video call, and GPs will be able to provide diagnostic support without having to visit the patient.

Tara Donnelly, digital director of NHSX, said: “Through the pandemic at NHSX we have been helping to test new technology that allows clinicians to monitor and assess patients’ conditions remotely.

“As part of our Innovative Collaborative, NHSX is delighted to work in partnership with innovators and teams that are transforming the care of thousands of people.

“Patients in south-east London will now get a remote control that goes a step further, making it possible for doctors to control their chest and heart conditions more quickly and easily at home.”

The Minister for Innovation, Lord Bethell, added: “The pandemic has changed the way patients access health and innovative technology helps us provide care to the most vulnerable in the safest and most effective way.

“Residents in these care homes will benefit from this high-quality, enhanced remote monitoring, which makes it possible for clinicians to examine residents more quickly and easily and make sure problems are picked up and treated quickly.” .

The National Innovation Collaborative brings together NHS organizations, social care and local authorities with the aim of accelerating the deployment of innovative technologies to enable home care.

It was created in partnership with academic health science networks to support front-line teams in identifying, implementing, and evaluating technology.

Dr Zubair Ahmed, executive director of Arc Health, said: “It is more important than ever to support home residents by providing timely access to standard clinical care.

“We look forward to working with South East London CCG, and the Lambeth Together and One Bromley district health and care associations, to enable residents of the care home to access timely and high quality care at home.”

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