Capital Rx, Independa and LG TV partner to offer discounted prescription drugs to seniors


What you should know:

Capital Rx is associated with Independence, a telehealth participation platform for seniors, to bring your recipe savings card to the elderly adult population via LG TVs.

– Independa, a provider of TV-based participation, education and distance care, and LG Electronics, the world leader in TV manufacturing, jointly launched the Independa Health Hub ™ Healthy Deals Ecosystem on LG TVs at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show By introducing the Capital Rx Advantage program, the first discount card offered directly through a TV, users can now easily and securely access their free prescription savings card to enjoy significant savings in medicines.

High cost of prescription drugs in the elderly

The high cost of prescription drugs is crushing older adults who cannot afford their life-saving medications. An AARP Report discovers in 2020 that the price of hundreds of brand-name drugs has more than doubled in line with inflation. Part of Biden’s Build Back Better plan would impose an annual out-of-pocket payment limit on what Medicare people pay for their prescription drugs. No one should have to choose between buying medicine and paying for food or rent.

Details of the association

Anyone with an LG TV from December 2021 or later can access affordable medications using the Capital Rx Advantage Prescription Savings Card, which is downloaded directly from the comfort of your home via the Independent Health Hub (automatically on all LG TVs (2014 model compatibility is also available). progress, progress). Capital Rx Advantage was launched in August 2021 to bring the prices of radically transparent prescription drugs to the market without insurance and without insurance.

It outperforms other popular discount cards in pricing 80% of the time. It now accepts 65,000 pharmacies and large retailers, including Walgreens, Walmart, Costco and more. Seniors and their families or caregivers can access the card directly through the LG TV Independent Health Hub app. Savings can be easily passed on to friends and family, always free and with no limitations on the number of beneficiaries.

LG TV owners activating the Independent app will immediately see the Capital Rx Advantage card in their Healthy Deals section. There, they have the option to watch an informative video and then access their free Rx savings card. The Independent Health Hub is currently available on all LG TVs sold after 2021.

“Capital Rx continues to effectively alter the prescription drug payment model, helping U.S. consumers save millions in drug costs,” said Kian Saneii, founder and CEO of Independent. “Following our historic partnership with LG and the expansion of our Health Hub ecosystem into the connected TV environment, we are proud to join forces with Capital Rx and offer our users access to the best drug discount card with recipe available on the market today. ” v

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