Cannabis law reform is not associated with negative neonatal health outcomes


Among cannabis observers, the issue of cannabis use during pregnancy is one of the most sensitive issues for obvious reasons.

Expectant mothers want to do their best for their developing baby, and as any expectant mother will tell you, this involves a comprehensive strategy.

It is recommended that expectant pregnant mothers consume a number of things while refraining from consuming other things.

For some women, refraining from using cannabis is an easy option, but for some mothers they are. doctor patients with cannabis, refraining from consuming is a much harder decision to make.

Cannabis and neonatal health

One of the most comprehensive studies on cannabis and pregnancy took place in Jamaica, where children were evaluated five years after birth.

In that to study, the researchers concluded that, “the results show no significant differences in the results of developmental tests between children of mothers who use and do not use marijuana, except at 30 days of age when users’ babies had more favorable scores. in two groups of the Brazelton scales: autonomic, stability and reflexes ”.

The results of another to study were recently published in which researchers explored cannabis reform and neonatal health to see if there was any correlation.

“There is no statistically significant effect of MMLs (medical marijuana laws) on the proportion of hospitalizations of newborns with prenatal exposure to harmful substances, neonatal drug withdrawal syndrome, fetal syndrome. alcohol syndrome, slow growth, respiratory conditions, eating problems, congenital anomalies, low gestational age, low birth weight or very low birth weight. Similarly, RMLs (recreational marijuana laws) appear to have no effect on these results, “the researchers said.

Talk to your doctor

I want to make it clear that in no way, in any way, am I encouraging pregnant women to use cannabis. It is a completely personal decision.

It is also a personal decision that should include the advice of licensed medical professionals.

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant and you are a cannabis user, you need to weigh all the factors and do your best for your situation.

If you can refrain from using cannabis, do so. If you are a patient who is suffering and running out of medication is worse than taking them according to your doctor, proceed accordingly as advised by your doctor.

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