Canada will not release 300,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine


People get their Covid-19 shot during a “Doses After Dark” night-time vaccination clinic in Mississauga, Ontario, May 15, 2021 – Copyright AFP LUIS ROBAYO

More than 300,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson’s unique COVID-19 vaccine will not be released for use in Canada. Doses have been quarantined since they arrived in April due to a quality control problem.

In a statement issued on Friday, Health Canada said it has completed its quality review of the shipment and has decided not to distribute it to the provinces to “protect the health and safety of Canadians” amid concerns over issues at the facilities. Emerging BioSolutions Baltimore where the vaccine was produced.

J&J had to launch more than 15 million doses of vaccine made at the Emergent BioSolutions plant in early April after it was discovered that workers had mixed the formula with one for the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine, which is also he did, according to CBC Canada.

Specifically, Health Canada says the 310,000 doses Canada received were produced at the same time the mixture occurred at the Baltimore facility and the department cannot determine whether it meets Canadian standards.

The ad arrives after The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Friday they released 10 million doses of the J&J vaccine, but several other batches, equivalent to about 50 million doses, were “inadequate” and will be destroyed.

In accordance with CTV News Canada, The shooting of AstraZeneca is no longer being done at the Baltimore facility and Health Canada previously said that the 1.5 million doses of AstraZeneca it had imported from that facility they were safe and met quality specifications.

To ensure the safety of “any future supply of vaccines” at the facility, Health Canada said it plans an on-site inspection of the factory this summer.

“Until this inspection is completed, Canada will not accept any products or ingredients manufactured at this site,” Health Canada said.

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