It is no longer a new thing for transparent devices to be effective, as most people can attest to that. But how do dental appliances help straighten teeth? Can they improve a person’s jaw line? Clear keys are different from traditional keys, but they still work better than them. In this article, we will highlight several points, including what the clear keys are, how they are stretch your teeth, how they help you in the jaw line and more. Let’s start with why they are transparent aligners / keys.

What are the keys?

Transparent braces are an alternative to traditional orthodontics. ALIGNERCO is a typical example of this effective technology. Make use of clear, thin plastic shells to move your teeth in small increments as long as they are worn constantly.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, are transparent aligners in the form of plastic molded to fit all upper and lower teeth.

Transparent nails are different from metal nails that attach to teeth. They can be removed and changed at intervals of seven to fourteen days. Also, they look like clear retainers or tooth whitening trays.

From the virtual models of an individual’s teeth many transparent braces are produced, with gradual or incremental movements towards a set of straight teeth.

The number of keys per series varies. But it usually ranges from 10 to 50. You can get a good result from just 1 to 3 or more sets of aligners. But, several things determine the range, such as the consistency that the aligners carry, the level of resistance to movement that the jaw bone has, and the complexity of the bite.

How do clear aligners work?

The following is a breakdown of how clear aligners work so you know the process before opting for them:

  • Transparent aligners / braces are designed to apply gentle pressure to the teeth, helping them to make small movements simultaneously.
  • The pressure is transferred through the roots to the jaws.
  • Then the jaw bone will respond to the forces by basically moving the plugs, circulating the teeth.
  • Stretching your teeth with clear aligners is more comfortable and smooth.
  • The estimated time to wear good liners for good results is 22 hours a day, excluding time to wash, floss, and eat without the aligners in your mouth.

Now, let’s talk about how straighter teeth can help you improve your jaw line and make you look more attractive.

How to straighten your teeth can improve the line of your jaw and make it look attractive

Orthodontic treatments help correct dentition and even the appearance of adult and pediatric patients. So many dental problems can be corrected with clear braces, including spacing, overcrowding, malocclusion, such as lower bites and excessive bites, and misalignment.

As you may have known, clear aligners can affect the arrangement of your teeth. But you may not have noticed that they also affect the appearance of your face. Orthodontic problems can make your cheeks, lips, and chin look uneven. But with braces, the teeth will have proper intercuspation, meaning they will line up correctly on top of each other.

  • How clean nails improve jaw alignment

The position of the jaw is affected when you have a lower or excessive bite. For patients who have a lower bite, their jaw would extend outward due to misalignment of the teeth. If a patient has an excessive bite, the lips can clog hard on the face without affection.

The misalignment of both the jaw and the teeth can be corrected with transparent braces, thus helping the jaw to return to a favorable and better position. Aside from helping to improve the problems associated with lower and excessive bites, they also help you look more attractive by giving you a perfect jaw line, improving facial appearance. If you find that your malocclusion problem makes it difficult for you to chew or your teeth grind, you can use clear aligners to solve the problem and improve jaw alignment.

  • Clear aligners create more different jaw lines and cheekbones

Some orthodontic problems such as excessive stings and lower stings can negatively affect the cheeks and jaw. When the teeth are unevenly spaced, the cheeks may begin to sink instead of being pronounced. You may even notice that the positioning of your teeth makes your lips look pronounced or thin.

With transparent nails, you can get an enhanced smile, which directly affects the jaw line and cheekbones. It will help your cheeks look sharper and clearer, thus improving the structure of your face and making you look younger. A more streamlined and even jaw line also helps to improve your facial appearance and make you look more attractive. It is common for double chin to be removed or reduced by orthodontic treatment as the jaw line becomes more uniform.

Clear against other cosmetic dentistry

There are so many reasons why you need to choose clear braces over other cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, dental crowns and more. One of the main reasons is that keys are more effective and secure. Clear aligners can provide you with a perfect jaw line, thus enhancing your smile. They are less noticeable and more aesthetically pleasing compared to metal brackets.

In addition, transparent appliances do not cause irritation or sores on the gums or soft tissues of the mouth. With our clear aligners, you can get that gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted.


When you improve your smile, you will experience greater confidence in laughing and talking to the people around you. You will also notice that it looks more attractive due to its soft jaw line, distinct cheekbones and even facial structure. Get the keys clear today ALIGNERCO. For a free evaluation, please contact us at

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