Hi, have you been thinking about fixing your teeth without using traditional braces? If these thoughts have been going through your mind for a while, you are lucky to be in the right place reading this piece. Today we will talk about ways to fix your teeth without orthopedic appliances and the discomfort of metal appliances.

Disadvantages of using traditional metal nails

  1. Your appearance is pretty much everything.

One of the obvious drawbacks of selecting metal nails is the fact that you don’t quite look the way you want. These metal brackets are constantly placed on the tooth individually and specifically. They also end up being very visible. Different people become very aware of the specific type of keys they use. This lowers their self-esteem and they strive hard not to smile whenever they can. These gadgets make kids tease even for adults who need to talk frequently at work.

  1. Beverage and food restrictions

Other things that people don’t like to make use of traditional keys are drinks and foods that are out of bounds. It is quite essential to avoid drinking and eating things that increase the damage or cavities of the traditional key hardware.

This means you should avoid eating soft drinks and sweets, including sticky, gummy candies, such as Laffy Taffy, which could easily stick to your nails.

Unfortunately, if you use regular metal keys, you should forget about eating any kind of hard snack. They are not good because they could go on and destroy small parts of the keys.

  1. The use of these traditional appliances will leave you without regard to proper hygiene.

It is hardware that covers various parts of your tooth. This makes it very difficult to get to different places. As a result, it is so easy to disturb your oral hygiene with these metal appliances.

It could be quite difficult to clean all the areas. That’s why you need patients to be properly diligent when rinsing, flossing and scraping.

Using transparent braces is one of the simplest and most convenient options for straightening teeth.

  1. There is stigma in the use of metal nails.

It is quite false, but there is still a widespread stigma that follows the usual traditional keys. For adults, this is very true. This makes someone who uses spelling devices less secure and uncomfortable. If you use ALIGNERCO passwords, you can limit the number of people who even know that you use those passwords.

There are a variety of other options you can use. This is if you have checked how uncomfortable it is to use a traditional device. This has caused many people to slow down the pace at which they begin their dental straightening procedures. We list some of these other options you can check out.

Using clear Alignerco aligners, enjoy a higher level of flexibility, higher levels of freedom, and greater confidence and self-esteem.

List of other options for straightening teeth

  1. Hidden incognito straps

This option and its name will make you prefer it over the others you already have. Technically, they are like normal appliances. The only difference with this is that people wouldn’t know you have them in your mouth. These hidden incognito braces are kept and hidden in the back of the teeth. This causes the devices to hide completely when you talk or smile at someone. Whenever you ask a dentist or orthodontist, they usually call them orthodontists. You should arrange an appointment with your orthodontist. You should also know that these lingual keys are created and customized differently for each patient’s mouth.

  1. Retainers

Different people usually receive supports after treatments with transparent aligners or treatment with natural traditional metal straps. But currently, adults who need little correction or stretching of their teeth could get these specific results with just one retainer. As for these anesthetics hey, these retainers fit and are transparent all over the mouth arch.

This makes it a little less noticeable than traditional orthodontics. This type of orthodontic appliance is less expensive than orthodontic appliances.

  1. Using transparent keys

There are some types of clear braces that you should use through an orthodontist. Here your dentist usually takes a 3D map of your mouth during the start of treatment. Below are several aligners that are created using this 3D map. These aligners are worn twenty to twenty-two hours a day and can be removed for brushing your teeth or eating. These aligners are changed every two weeks to use the next aligner available in your series. This process moves the teeth gently to the desired correct alignment.

  1. Using Alignerco Clear Aligners

ALIGNERCO has some amazing clear aligners that are invisible, and you can set them up and make them at home for less than a thousand dollars. This procedure is affordable, easy to carry in your pocket, comfortable and effective. Only remove it when you need to eat or brush. Following the instructions given by the clear aligners would leave you with your teeth shiny and stretched in a three and nothing. For your treatment to start using this procedure, all you need to do is analyze your teeth and, before you know it, clear aligners will be created. You will be provided with the length of time you need to use the product before your straightened smile appears. If you want to have it delivered to your home, after scanning your tooth, you will get clear aligners. These products are much easier to clean compared to traditional orthodontics.


These keys are really the best choice among all the others. If you don’t want to stress your pocket with the high cost of options, it would be best to use these Alignerco keys. You could consult us here to see our brands and make your choice. We would wait for you.

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