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Google’s John Mueller answers the question about quantifying site quality and mentions consulting on a Search Console quality metric

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Google’s John Mueller was asked if search quality is quantifiable, that is, something that could be measured and expressed as a metric. John Mueller’s response was startling because he indicated that he had researched a search console quality metric to help publishers.

What is the quality of the site?

The idea of ​​site quality seems deceptively simple, but it’s not.

John Mueller and many others talk about the importance of site quality for indexing and ranking, but what it really means to Google is a mystery, so we’re stuck with our own subjective ideas.

Screenshot of John Mueller talking about site quality

The concept of “site quality” is a subjective concept that depends on the opinions of individuals, opinions that are influenced by their very varied levels of experience and knowledge.

There is no absolute and objective way to express what Site quality is.

All people are literally blind to what “quality”Actually means to Google because Google doesn’t say what the height, width, and depth of its site quality definition is.

And it could be that, as the person asking the question implies, there is no way to quantify what …

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