Camfil USA Offers Commercial HVAC Guidance to Businesses Re-Opening After COVID-19


Riverdale, NJ, 06/21/2020 / /

Riverdale, NJ — In response to the nationwide re-opening of businesses, factories, and commercial facilities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, an air filtration leader and clean-air advocate Camfil USA, has released a new informational guide, detailing the considerations businesses should make when it comes to re-starting their HVAC systems. The guide, Air Filtration, How to Refresh & Restart (PDF), also includes valuable information on how commercial and industrial businesses can take advantage of energy offsets and high efficiency filters to cut their operational costs in 2020. 

“The guide is a simple, one-sheet resource for businesses who are coming back to their HVAC systems after a period of reduced operations,” says  Joe Randolph, Director of Distribution Sales at Camfil USA. “But it also provides some concise, actionable advice that can keep commercial filtration systems running at top efficiency, regardless of what’s going on in the world around us.”

The information put forth in the PDF is split into an easy-to-understand list of “DOs” and “DON’Ts” that have been structured to make the information as actionable as possible. All six action items are targeted directly at the overall efficiency of commercial  HVAC systems, taking both energy use and filtration rates into consideration.  

The one-sheet guide, available on Camfil’s document finder, is only the latest in a number of helpful educational resources provided at Camfil USA. Other such tools include BIM (Building Information Modelling) resources as well as the Camfil Comfort IAQ App, which can be used to help with clean air solutions. 

In an era when airborne viruses are under scrutiny like never before, it is not surprising when businesses around the world start paying attention to the issues of air quality. As both a filter manufacturer and clean-air advocate, Camfil USA has a significant interest in promoting air quality education across the country. 

Together these tools are an effective resource for planning and design, but when combined with a substantial collection of insights, case studies, and educational documents, the Camfil USA website quickly becomes the source for businesses and organizations looking to tackle the issues surrounding indoor air quality. 

“COVID-19 is an ongoing battle,” Randolph continues. “There are limited solutions out there for addressing airborne pathogens via a commercial filtration system and Camfilwants to be a real educational resource for anyone who has questions.” 

Camfil USA is dedicated to promoting science-based education about air quality and air filtration systems. For more information on how it is possible to combat airborne pathogens with advanced filtration strategies, click here

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