California governor signs bill to legalize hemp in food and supplements


The state of California has always been a pioneer in trends when it comes to the cannabis plant.

In 1996, Golden State shook the world and made history by becoming the first state to legalize medical marijuana.

Now, with game-changing legislation about to be signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, California is about to break the status quo once again.

The California state legislature has passed Assembly Bill 45 with immense support from the industry.

The bill will establish regulations and requirements for the production and marketing of hemp and CBD products.

The versatile plant has great potential in the health and nutrition industries and could play an important role in creating a more sustainable future.

Ending the hemp / CBD ban in California is an important milestone.

In accordance with Nutra Ingredients, due to AB-45 regulations regarding the marketing and production of hemp and CBD products, hemp companies would have to meet the same regulatory compliance costs as cannabis companies, which would make industries more egalitarian.

In accordance with AB-45, some of the regulations include labeling and advertising requirements, testing requirements where THC cannot exceed 0.3% and a mandate that industrial hemp cannot be included in a product that contains alcohol, tobacco or nicotine.

The latter requirement may be negative for some, as this eliminates Roma.

David Culver, vice president of global government relations for Canopy Growth, told Hank Schultz of Nutra Ingredients that this new legislation will benefit California.

“These critical changes in California law will drive economic opportunity and drive employment growth by providing certainty to farmers, manufacturers and retailers through a clear roadmap for expansion by providing consumers with a market for CBD regulated, “Culver said.

While many activists they are applauding this new bill, there are many who within the hemp space are skeptical of this new legislation.

For example, processors and extractors will need to be inspected by the California Department of Public Health’s Food and Safety Department in order to be sold to the state.

In an article by Insider Natural ProductsChris Boucher of the Hemp Farmers Guild said inspectors will come to visit the facility and comply with GMPs. “Basically, California will act like the FDA,” Boucher said.

Governor Newsom is expected to sign the bill on Oct. 10, according to Natural Products Insider.

While this bill has had mixed reactions, it is still a big milestone for the hemp industry, and other states could look to California to follow suit.

Garrett Bain. Photo courtesy of EcoGen BioSciences.

Garrett Bain, who is the president of EcoGen BioSciences, a full-service CBD maker, said the approval of the AB-45 will make it easier for hemp companies to operate legally and safely in California.

He added that only through regulatory coherence will we see the hemp industry grow to eliminate unlicensed and potentially harmful products from non-compliant manufacturers.

“As California takes the lead in clarifying the requirements for hemp to be included in food and dietary supplements, we anticipate that hemp will gain legitimacy and be seen as safer in the eyes of consumers,” he said. Bain. “Knowing that your hemp products meet strict requirements, such as proper labeling, portion size, testing regulations, and sourcing, will allow consumers to rest in peace knowing that the products they choose to buy and consume are legal and safe “.

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