Bundeswehr leads EU training mission in Mali


Bamako / Berlin (dpa) – German Brigadier General Jochen Deuer is the new commander of the EU Training Mission in Mali (EUTM). Deuer took command of approximately 950 EUTM soldiers in the West African country on Wednesday, as confirmed by the Potsdam Operations Command. The aim of the mission, which has been underway since 2013, is to support the region’s armed forces by providing advice and training so that they can counter the threats of Islamist terrorist groups.

The situation in Mali has become more tense in recent months. There have been two military coups within a year and a suicide attack on German UN soldiers recently took place. About 880 German soldiers are part of the UN Minusma force in Mali. The Bundeswehr currently provides approximately 110 men and women for the EUTM training mission.

Deuer announced his intention to strengthen and improve cooperation with the Malian armed forces security of its own staff, according to a handwritten speech obtained by the German Press Agency. The general spoke about the relocation of the EUTM headquarters to the capital of Bamako, as well as the training facilities.

Deuer added that he wanted to push for a training approach that would ensure that bilateral initiatives to equip the Malian armed forces, whether by European or EU partners, would have a sustainable impact by accompanying them with training and advice at all levels. . In general, he urged to concentrate the tasks and invoked a Malian proverb: “The hyena that chases two gazelles at the same time will go to bed hungry.”

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