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It’s almost unimaginable that a year and a half ago, a global pandemic different from anything we’ve ever seen, turned our world upside down. Overnight, we were forced to reimagine learning, reimagine work, and reimagine care. Now, eighteen months later, health care is at another critical turning point as we look to the future of care and how the pandemic has changed the way care is provided and received.

Technology is now synonymous with health. Patient and physician expectations, fear of cybersecurity violations, and recognition that care can be offered differently are driving healthcare organizations toward an unprecedented digital transformation.

With a rapid transformation comes the challenge

The digital divide continues to grow between those who have access to devices, connectivity and digital literacy, and those who do not. A low-end global health workforce has experienced further exhaustion due to the pandemic, causing mental health problems and forcing some to leave the field.

And, unfortunately, it is increasingly profitable for bad actors to target the health sector, with the average cost of a data breach to health care amounting to $ 7 million, 10% more than in 2019 .1

So how can your healthcare organization prioritize investments and prepare your workforce for the future of care?

Regardless of the goals you are trying to achieve, Cisco can help you build the bridge to get there.

Now more than ever, we believe that technology can be used to provide an opportunity for everyone, have a significant impact, and generate a better and brighter future than today.

Our commitment to health goes beyond our leading products and services. To date, Cisco has had a positive impact on more than 527 million people through social impact grants and signature programs. Last year, we donated $ 53 million in cash and personal protective equipment to nonprofits and first aid personnel during COVID-19.2

As we look to the future, I am pleased to reinforce Cisco’s commitment to healthcare with a few announcements.

Simplifying virtual attention with Webex Instant Connect

Today, patient expectations are driving healthcare organizations to adopt digitally enabled, on-demand, and perfectly connected interactions between physicians and patients.

It is critical that healthcare organizations do this well the first time, making it easier for patients to connect with their providers.

In fact, 53% of millennials would switch to a competitor after a negative experience.3 With the growing digital divide and the impressive number of people not having digital literacy to join a video visit, telehealth appointments need to be simple.

With Webex Instant Connect for virtual care, interactions with the physician and patient care are fluid and safe. The solution can be launched from existing health applications (EHR / EMR) or in a standalone browser, as it does not require application downloads, browser plugins or logins.

We are confident that this tool will be a valuable resource for healthcare organizations as their virtual care offerings evolve to better meet the needs of patients and physicians.

Innovating for the future with Cisco Customer Experience

We know that healthcare organizations are under extreme pressure to deliver value at a faster pace and scale, with fewer resources, more complexity, and more risk.

That’s why, together with our partners, Cisco Customer Experience (CX) will help you optimize for today’s challenges, prepare for tomorrow’s changes, and innovate for the future. With world-leading healthcare and infrastructure experts and unmatched digital intelligence, Cisco CX focuses on the people and connections that will advance healthcare in times of change. Whether it’s a comprehensive digital transformation or additional help to get your initiative up and running, CX can help you get there faster and less risky.

With the proven success of our service offerings, Cisco CX can help your organization:

  • Improve and scale access, involvement and experience throughout the continuum of care with recommendations based on industry data and customer benchmarks
  • Secure your network, endpoints, devices and users with experience in security and visibility of industry-leading threats
  • Make the most of your technology to help you achieve the results that really matter to you and your patients
  • Transform at the speed of change with a flexible resource model
  • Empower your teams to respond more quickly and drive more effective change with cutting-edge learning to improve computer equipment

Cisco Business Critical Services they give you access to an elite community of top-tier experts who have a proven track record of accelerating and maximizing business value for healthcare organizations. Our Cisco CX Healthcare Practice is ready to help your organization build business and clinical resilience for the future of healthcare.

Cisco to HIMSS 2021

We are thrilled to share that Cisco will be there HIMSS 2021 (August 9-13 in Las Vegas).

With our long-standing partnership with the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), we believe there is no better place to bolster Cisco’s commitment to healthcare than at the HIMSS 2021 event.

We invite you to visit the Cisco booth (3929) at the HIMSS digital park for more information on how our solutions and services exceed the limits of what is possible in today’s healthcare. Also, visit our partner Medigate (Stand C359) for a zero-confidence clinical demonstration with Cisco.

Join our health experts at the Digital Park Theater for two insightful presentations on the future of care and equitable access for all. Each session will be broadcast twice throughout the week and will be available on demand for those who cannot see them on site.

Do you have a specific question for our team or do you want to connect with your digital strategy? Contact a Cisco expert by booking a 1: 1 meeting through MyHIMSS Planner a tool.

Whether you can attend HIMSS 2021 in person or want to experience the event virtually, visit our Cisco to HIMSS website for exclusive content kits and session recordings.

Recognizing our heroes of everyday health

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize our front-line workers and health care providers to help us get through an incredibly challenging year. You are our heroes, and we applaud your unwavering efforts to keep us safe and healthy.

We look forward to sharing some of the amazing stories of health heroes just like you in HIMSS and beyond.

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  2. Cisco 2020 CSR Report
  3. Zendesk “Millennials Vs. Gen Z: How Your Customer Service Expectations Are Compared “

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