Bright Health, MedArrive Partner to provide preventive care at home


What you should know:

Bright HealthCare (“Bright Health”), a technology-insured health insurance company, announced a new partnership with MedArrive, a healthcare platform that allows payers and providers to expand home medical services. Through the program, which recently began in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bright Health is leveraging MedArrive’s network of highly qualified EMS professionals within the community to conduct preventive health visits at home along with supervision. telemedicine led by a doctor to improve the results of more than 10,000 people. new members.

– He Covid-19 pandemic it has transformed the way care is provided in every city in the country, accelerating the use of technology and shifting care home. This strategic collaboration perfectly bridges the virtual care gap, combining video consultations with providers and face-to-face visits from MedArrive EMTs and local paramedics acting as an extension of the Bright Health team. Leveraging this powerful segment of the healthcare workforce not only benefits patients, but also allows EMS professionals to diversify their daily responsibilities, practice to the fullest extent of their training, and earn additional income.

– In the first months of the program, more than 420 visits have been scheduled and more than 230 face-to-face visits have already been made.

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