Best practices for using Smart Pots

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Have you ever heard of a Smart Pot? No, it’s not high-tech cannabis. Smart Pots are the world’s original tissue plant containers, offering an alternative to plastic pots.

The Smart Pots were first manufactured in 1984 by High caliber growth, the inventors of root pruning technology, a practice that increases yields by improving the absorption of water and nutrients.

Smart Pots help professional growers and amateur gardeners develop a better root structure and a stronger plant.

Cloth pots are also great for growing cannabis. “Cannabis needs to be grown with the highest level of quality, free of heavy metals and other harmful chemicals,” says Smart Pots Sales Director Dustin Locks.

“Growing practices should be environmentally responsible with the least amount of waste and benefit not only people but the planet.”

Photos courtesy of High Caliper Growing.

Smart Pots are making a name for themselves everywhere, even at Cresco Labs in Illinois.

Here are some of the best practices for growing high quality, high yielding plants with fabric containers:

Avoid contaminants from imported products

Not all cloth jars are the same. In fact, some from abroad contain heavy metals that contaminate the final product and leach into the waterways. These contaminants can affect the final product, which could fail in laboratory testing and result in waste and financial loss.

Please note any waste going to landfills

Many growers are aware of the environment and very aware of waste
in landfills. Aim for maximum performance and minimal waste by choosing fabric pots that can be used over and over again without breaking
or tearing apart.

Choose products made in the United States

Overseas products may be delayed during shipping and may not offer custom designs to suit your needs. Instead, look for U.S.-made products for faster shipping and easier custom ordering.

Maximize the yield of your plants

Fabric pots help maximize a plant’s yield and increase yield, allowing the root zone to create a healthy, fibrous, dense root mass.

Plants never attach to the roots and can drain properly, which reduces root rot. In addition, cloth pots release heat from the culture medium and allow oxygen to enter, which dramatically benefits the plant and living microbes.

Made in Oklahoma City with strict quality control standards, Smart Pots are BPA-free, lead-free, and extremely durable.

In addition, you can clean them in a commercial washing machine or wash them under pressure. They offer
a sustainable solution for an industry often dependent on plastics. ⁇

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