Best Dispensary in America in 2021 … Based on the logo


Why not. The industry is now in more than half of the country’s states and is no longer a “secret.” Diads, the first thing you see when you drive to Michigan is a billboard Herbology and Kalamazoo, #PureMichigan.

The first thing you see when driving in Gary, Indiana, are billboards for Illinois dispensaries, which finally give you something to look at while driving through Indiana, aside from corn and traffic cones.

Dispensaries are the new brewery and following this model there is a dispensary for almost all tastes, promoting this or that experience for their customers. We are in a renaissance of weeds and it is wonderful. I would like to Game of Thrones Dispensary.

There are thousands of dispensaries in the United States and that number continues to grow faster than can be said. “Starbuds. ”

We caught him Bar Mitzvah money became property, became a venture fund, became a weed company (Hello CuraLeaf) out of the equation. Cash cannot buy this title, creativity only. “Bob, call Jon in marketing and schedule a Zoom, how can we not buy this !!”

Yes, we looked at thousands of dispensaries from Amesbury, Massachusetts a Cle Elum, Washington, special attention to, an amazing resource for dispensaries, etc. Really that would have been awful without them.

Some of the criteria

They had to have a website. I mean, really, if you’re in the weed business, you have the cash to leave $ 3.00 to GoDaddy and register your domain. Frankly, for a writer who makes ten cents a word, a penny a word, or two cents a word (that’s 65 cents right there), having to look at Facebook pages and Snap Chat profiles is far beyond of my salary note. Want to be considered next year, get a website.

It had to be an original logo. It is not an original name. There are a lot of amazing names. Yes, we are working on that as well. I’m looking at you One Hit Wonder in Fairbanks, Gnome Grown in Oregon, i Buds and roses in Massachusetts.

A shout out to Utah. We don’t lose the irony of having dispensaries in Utah, but I guess when you have more than one spouse, you need a little. something, something to make your day go by.

The names are great, but at their roots (see what I did there), cannabis is a creative business, so creativity in the logo is what matters most. Best Buds in Washington DC, parodying the Best Buy logo with the slogan “weed delivery.” Congratulations.

There are many healing o help this or that, a lot or remedies i therapies, so many pharmacies and collectives and of course the many corporate shops, well marked and so flat.

Many states are purely pharmaceutical (Louisiana) and their logos are basic, so we removed them as well.

Florida. As expected, Florida is all about super medical marijuana corporate stores and frankly donate GO UP i Trulieve more real estate to rest their money-soaked hats, is too much. So, unless Ron Jon Surf Shop open a dispensary, Florida, you are out of this year’s selection. Bring your maskless faces to a massive theme park and work on a design for next year.

Texas. Not much selection, like, well … Texas. So unless you learn to act like an adult and play well with others, you can’t play with us.

Qualified states These are states that have both recreational and medical, like Illinois, Nevada, California, Washington, Alaska, you get the idea.

Each state has a local champion.

Our editors, along with yours, chose the local winners and of course the “Best Dispensary 2021 … based on the logo”.

Local winners


Cannabaska dispensary, located in Anchorage Alaska.


Fresh Farm dispensary, located on Lake Havasu, Arizona.


Women’s Medicine in Bellflower, California.


Pure cannabis in Gunnison, Colorado


Fresh cannabis located in Newark, Delaware.


Cure Oahu located in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Windy City Cannabis in Illinois.


Starbuds in Baltimore, Maryland.


Mandrós River in Dracut, Massachusetts.


Root 66 dispensary located in St. Louis, Missouri.


Hometree in Billings, Montana.


Pesha ‘Numma in Yerington, Nevada.

New Jersey

Waste treatment and well-being in Cranbury, New Jersey.

New Mexico

Bear Cannabis Company in New Mexico.

North Dakota

Hello Dakota in Fargo, North Dakota.


Firelands Scientific in Huron, Ohio


Green Peace Dispensary in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Gnome Grown to Oregon City, Oregon.


Growing justice in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island

Green Leaf Compassion Center in Rhode Island.


Rusc Pharmacy in Utah.


Vermont Patient Alliance in Vermont.


Cannabis 21 in Washington.

The great news is that the industry is growing and there are amazing people who do what they love to offer you some of the best cannabis products known to man.

So you are all the winners of our book (insert the emoji of vomiting)! But there can only be one winner, and by 2021 …

The best dispensary … based on the logo is:

Enameled and confused in Crystal Falls, Michigan!

Comedy mix, with a simple but fun logo, Glazed and Confused is “America’s Best Dispensary … based on the 2021 logo!”

Want to learn more about this family-owned dispensary and your journey to the greatness of the logo? See its special appearance at Cannabis Technology Talks, recorded live at MJBizCon 2021.

Contact us on social media @cannatechtoday and let us know which is your favorite dispensary by name, logo or anything else. We will do it again!

Note: Now the writer accepts t-shirts and stickers from all the dispensaries mentioned above, you know, since he only makes 10 cents per word.

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