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If you’ve been looking for the perfect navy blue, look no further! The color of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy paint (HC-154) is a true navy that plays very well with any color combination or design style. This color is a designer’s dream.

Navy blue will always have style, whatever the current trends. It is a classic color that combines well with so many different color combinations. In addition, it is at home with any style of design (from nautical to modern to traditional to farmhouse) and everything in between.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is the best there is. It really is a true navy, not as bright as primary blue nor as saturated as real blue. It is a classic marina without any fear.

In fact, Hale Navy HC-154 is part of Benjamin Moore’s historical collection (this is the “HC” in its number). It is a collection of tried and true colors that were found in American architecture during the 1700s and 1800s. For this reason, the colors have a traditional and timeless quality.

The beauty of Hale Navy is that it is not tied to traditional styles. It looks just as beautiful in a more modern aesthetic. Its rich and deep tone makes it the perfect choice for any space, both indoors and outdoors.

See how we used the navy blue chairs in ours modern living room. We paired them with a white sectional sofa to get a clean, clean look. I also painted an intense and rich blue wooden sideboard with this one quick paint tip for how to paint without polishing. I love how it turned out!

A white bathroom with a vanity painted on Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.

Why You Will Love Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

  • A real marina
  • Intense and rich color
  • Combines well with other colors
  • It matches any design style

Hale Navy LRV

LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value. In other words, it is the measure used by design professionals for the percentage of light that a color reflects on a surface.

Basically, LRV refers to the appearance of a light or dark color. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being the darkest (black) and 100 the brightest (white).

Hale Navy falls firmly into the dark-colored family with a low LRV of 8. Now, you all know I love the soft, neutral paint colors. I love how they make our home feel light and airy. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t love an occasional saturated color like Hale Navy.

A white bathroom with a vanity painted on Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Undertones

The beauty of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is that it has warm, fresh hues. It’s known as a transition color, because it really goes with everything!

It has some rich shades of gray that give it a sophisticated and velvety look. Gray prevents Hale Navy from being too bright. Instead, it is simply a rich, intense blue.

Professional advice: keep in mind with a color as dark as Hale Navy, lighting changes everything. Notice below, where the images show the vanity with a closed door (preventing light from entering) and then an image with all the doors and windows open. What a difference!

A white bathroom with a round wicker mirror and a dark blue dressing table.
A white bathroom with a round wicker mirror and a dark blue vanity painted on the HC-154.

Trim the colors to match them with the HC-154

If your walls are Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, you really can’t go wrong white paint cutout. Of course, there are so many targets to choose from! Hale Navy is amazing because it will look beautiful with fresh whites or warm, creamy whites.

Here are some of my favorite targets, which would look awesome with Hale Navy:

I’ve learned a thing or two about painting during the last few houses we’ve redone. That’s how it is here the best trimmed paint I found a smooth finish.

A white bathroom with a vanity painted on Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.

Colors to match with Hale Navy

Hale Navy is a neutral color, so it blends in perfectly with just about any color. No matter what neutral colors which you use as a base, the HC-154 will be a welcome addition. Here are some other beautiful color combinations to keep in mind.

Navy blue i white is a classic color duo and with good reason. Together they create a clean, crisp look. The contrast between dark navy and bright white is stunning and can really play functions in a room. This color combination can be used to create a rich and traditional style or modern coastal style.

If you really like the color, navy blue is beautiful bright colors such as cercal, yellow, coral, and pink. You don’t have to paint each wall a different color to enjoy the variety; in fact, I would not recommend it. It’s easy to add color through rugs, curtains, pillows and accessories.

Navy blue is beautiful with neutral colors such as soft grays, grays, and tans. For example, Sherwin Williams knitting needles it’s a beautiful medium gray that would look amazing with Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. Or for more greige, consider Sherwin Williams Gray nice.

For a monochrome or nautical look, navy blue looks fantastic other blues. Instead of staying with just one, you can vary the shades of blue in one space for a subtle, layered style. Think in terms of turquoise, aqua and sky blue, really any other shade of blue.

And finally, don’t forget it red! Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, combined with red, has a classic American feel that adapts at home to the style of the farmhouse. Of course, navy and red can also be more subtle, especially if you choose a muted red and introduce it through fabrics like pillows or vintage rug.

A white bathroom with a vanity painted on Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.

Where to use Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

  • Main door – for dramatic impact and instant appeal
  • Cabinet – especially when combined with white and beautiful walls closet hardware
  • Accent Wall – to create a wall or statement space anywhere in your home
  • Jewelry box room – simply painting the walls and trimming the same color for a striking effect
  • Outdoor – combined with white or wooden shutters for a clean, classic aesthetic


  • Choose your palette – Choose a primary color and accent colors. Use your main color for larger applications, such as furniture or accent walls. Then fill in accent colors for layers like rugs, pillows, and curtains.
  • Best finish – Choose the right finish for your space. Know it all paint bright here, where and why use them?
  • Add heat – Benjamin Moore Hale Navy looks stunning against warm, natural tones like wood and cane. Layer in warm accessories like baskets, wooden bowls, wooden beads and more. Besides, stained wood floors or LVP vinyl board floors they are a great base coat!
  • Add metals – Mix some warm metals like gold, brass and copper to get a really rich look. Brass lighting provides a nice contrast to Hale Navy HC-154. Look for ways to be creative. For example, I did DIY copper curtain rods for a warm, personalized look.
A nautical-inspired bath with white walls and a wooden vanity painted with Benjamin Moore Hale Navy paint.

Frequently asked questions

What color is Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154?

Hale Navy is a true navy, with light shades of gray that keep it from being too bright. As a result, it is a rich, deep color with a timeless feel.

Is Benjamin Moore Hale Navy too dark?

Hale Navy HC-154 has a low LRV (light reflectance value) of 8, so it is definitely at the dark end of the color spectrum. However, this does not mean that you should be afraid to use it.

Natural light helps, of course, but you can also provide plenty of light through other items such as furniture, curtains, flooring, and even permanent fixtures like countertops.

Is Hale Navy warm or cool?

HC-154 is a transition color, meaning it has warm, fresh hues. It can be used with almost any other color and looks amazing.

Hale Navy acts as a neutral, so it adds color without dominating other elements in a space.

A nautical-inspired bath with white walls and a wooden vanity painted with Benjamin Moore Hale Navy paint.

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