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Learn the keys to creating the guest bedding screen that will get your friends and family back over and over again.

If you enjoy hosting friends and family in your home, you probably already know how to create a warm and cozy guest bedroom. However, one of the most confusing parts of any bedroom setting is often the bedding.

A guest bedroom doesn’t need much, but a few simple touches help guests stay happy. Giving guests the experience of a luxury hotel with bedding that feels so special could be a double-edged sword … they may never get away with it!

Creating a file Guest bedroom it is possible anywhere in your house (as you can see in our old colonial house). Even if you don’t have a dedicated space, you can come up with something special.

I have talked to you in the past about this What to include in a guest room, and today I thought it would be fun to discuss what to include in your bedding. It’s an important part of anyone’s night experience in your home and it’s a lot of fun to create something beautiful for guests.

Selecting the right bedding can create a boutique hotel experience for your guests. At the lake house, we often accommodate guests, which means we often have to reset the bedrooms weekly. In an effort to make it quick and easy,

We often welcome bloggers for retreats, family and friends and want them to feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable. Therefore, I treat the beds like a boutique hotel, to ensure a comfortable stay. Get the tips and secrets the hotel uses to make guests ’beds feel luxurious.

A white room with blue and white bed linen.
Via Serena and Lily

Tips on guest beds

Lay the foundation with Bright White

It’s no secret why hotels often use white beds. It may be counterintuitive to use white, but you don’t want the sheets to hide stains. White makes them easy to locate and address to make sure your guests ’beds are pristine. Guests sleep peacefully knowing they are in a clean, cool bed.

White sheets are also extremely practical. They can be bleached when needed … To make it easier to maintain the guest bed, I recommend using white sheets and a white duvet cover.

White also feels luxurious and relaxing. From the moment you crawl, you feel calm, not distracted by busy patterns or bright colors. The crisp white sheets feel cozy and create a blank canvas to build on. They never go out of style or seasonally.

White is also incredibly versatile. A white theme is easy to carry with towels and dressing gowns, so it’s easy to wash them at once without worrying about colored bleeding. You can quickly bill a guest room for a single laundry charge.

A cane bed frame with white bedding and layered pillows by Serena and Lily.
Via Serena and Lily

Make it quiet and cozy

Ideally, my minimalist approach to home should also be reflected in our beds and the beds we choose. While I like things to be simple and restrained, I also want them to be luxurious and special.

I love creating a cozy look with layers of pillows, blankets and duvets. In fact, you can even learn How to fake a header with pillows if you fill the space and sponge them well!

How to make a guest bed

Mattress protector

A mattress protector is an important layer of bedding for guests, although it is often overlooked. Mattresses are the most expensive part of the equation, so it’s important to protect them from stains. Fortunately, the days of squeaky and uncomfortable mattress covers are over.

The mattress covers are waterproof and breathable. You can choose one sliding mattress cover oa zipper on the mattress cover (to protect even more).


300-thread hotel sheets are usually best for a luxurious feel. Of course, you can always use a higher thread count, but I find these numbers to be often misleading. Simple is simply the best in this department.

Don’t forget to wash and dry new sheets. They feel like freshly washed sheets soft and silky.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to equip the guest bed with soft, luxurious sheets. In fact, some of my favorites are very cheap.

  • 300 Count Ultra soft – These are our favorite sheets and, believe me, we’ve tried them all! The pockets are deep and the patterns are simple and beautiful.
  • Microfiber – I use them in guest beds because they are incredibly soft, inexpensive, easy to clean and dry quickly (which is amazing when you turn a guest room in a hurry). In case of staining, they are cheap to replace.
  • Sateen – This set of 300 threads has a silky, shiny texture.
A white and navy guest bedroom with white bedding.


The more fluffy the better, of course!

I like to use a classic and simple white duvet cover in all our room duvet covers. They feel luxurious, clean and similar to hotels. Plus, when they’re protected, you can just take off the duvet cover … much easier to wash than a duvet!

Our favorite quilt is this one 600 stuffing option. It feels so decadent and luxurious!

For the lake, we like these low weight alternative duvets also, and they are an amazing price.

Quilt or quilt

You can use a duvet or a duvet instead of a duvet or more.

A duvet or bedspread at the foot of the bed or layered on top of your duvet provides an extra layer of warmth if guests cool off in the middle of the night.

These chambray linen blend duvets they are an excellent and affordable choice in pastel colors. To enjoy a feeling of luxury, go with our favorite Lush linen quilt by Pine Cone Hill.


  1. Mattress protector
  2. White sheets (a small pattern also works well!)
  3. White duvet cover
  4. Quilt (the more fluffy, the better!)
  5. Quilts, covers or throws
A white and navy guest bedroom with white bedding.


Provide a lot of options and a lot of pillow weights for your guests. They are easy to put layers on the head of the bed and I also like to store extras in the closets of the rooms.

Use pillow protectors to reduce allergens, protecting pillows from saliva, sweat and stains. They also prevent feathers from penetrating.

Decorative pillows

Keep decorative pillows to a minimum. They should feel thoughtful, not demanding. No one wants to spend the evening peeling the bed carefully and returning in the morning to ride it deftly.

You also don’t want your decorative pillows to be confused with sleeping pillows … nothing ruins embarrassment faster than that!

For a double bed, use two standard pillows and one euro pillow. In a full bed or queen bed, four standard pillows and two to four Euro pillows. For a king-size bed, use four king pillows and three Euro pillows. Euro cushions near the headboard allow guests to relax and read or watch TV.

This is a great place to infuse colors, patterns and details. Have fun with it! Read more on how to choose Pillowcases for a great tutorial on mixing patterns and colors.


Throws at the foot of the bed are a great way to add texture and warmth. Not only do they offer you another option for a fantastic touch of color, but they serve a practical purpose and offer guests the option of a lighter blanket for sleeping.

Look for different text and weight options to create a look you like. That Thick bed blanket it comes in a variety of colors and is the most beautiful texture.

how to make a guest bed chart

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