Beckatt Solutions Provides 3D Printed Medical Parts and PPE to Hospitals Facing Critical Shortages


Elgin, IL, United States, 03/29/2020 / /

As hospitals and health care providers have been inundated with COVID-19 patients, they have faced significant challenges in procuring medical supplies and PPE, many of these critical in the pandemic fight. The additive manufacturing community has rallied around this cause, as 3D printing companies have offered their services during the pandemic to providers most in need. Beckatt Solutions, a Chicagoland-headquartered technology and 3D printing solutions company, has recently joined the initiative to enable hospitals across the United States with 3D printing support during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Beckatt Solutions is joining forces in a network of 3D printing companies, experts and designers to help hospitals in short supply easily 3D print tools, medical parts and PPE. The company is offering their resources and capacity on all 3D printers across their four offices to hospitals facing immediate delivery shortages of critical medical parts and PPE. Beckatt Solutions’ Elgin, IL office, which houses the largest number of 3D printers, will serve as Beckatt’s main 3D printing hub, while their offices in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Minneapolis will support the cause with 3D printers of their own.

In addition to providing 3D printing services for hospitals in need, Beckatt Solutions is participating in 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker’s two-part initiative, which connects 3D printing hubs and distributors to local institutions. Through this global initiative, hospitals can now learn the location of available 3D printing hubs, and Beckatt Solutions has offered up their services across the United States. Beckatt Solutions is a premier distribution partner of Ultimaker 3D printers, the global leader in desktop 3D printing.

“Beckatt Solutions is committed to serving the healthcare community during the COVID-19 pandemic” said Matt Pray, Beckatt Solutions Managing Partner and Co-Founder. “We are thankful to be part of this global cause to help hospitals in need by 3D printing medical components in short supply. We are also grateful to have a partner like Ultimaker who is dedicated to helping during the Coronavirus outbreak, through their initiative connecting 3D printing hubs and hospitals. What’s more, this initiative shows that 3D printing is critical for businesses’ continuity in times of crisis, and we expect that more institutions will embrace the technology once things return to normal.”

Ultimaker, with the help of their local 3D printing hubs like Beckatt Solutions, launched a two-part initiative to help hospitals in these unprecedented circumstances to quickly replace parts and tools that are in short supply with the help of 3D printing:

  • Print Support: Ultimaker has created a global network of 3D printing hubs, including Beckatt Solutions, directly available to hospitals to assist in printing parts locally.
  • Design Support: Ultimaker and local partner engineers are available to help healthcare professionals design medical supplies and PPE that can be printed and sent to the hospital as soon as possible.

If you are a medical professional and could benefit from these services, contact Beckatt Solutions through one of the methods below.

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