Beautiful brass lighting options for your home


Take a tour of the brass lighting throughout the house, with sources for each brass fixture. Find everything from brass hanging lights to built-in brass lights, brass sconces and more.

Brass is a warm, timeless metal that accentuates a variety of domestic styles, regardless of the era. Find out how we have incorporated beautiful brass lamps into our home over the years.

This post was originally shared on February 9, 2015 and was updated with new content in May 2021.

When we bought our Kansas City Colonial house in 2011, brass was hard to find and the pieces I found and loved far exceeded our budget. There are now a wide variety of options to choose from and I have invested in some essential accessories for our home.

For me, lighting is one of those areas where the old saying comes to mind: “Champagne tastes good in beer.” I can’t help it, I have a deep and permanent love for the beauty of classic, heavy brass. There is something that will always have my heart!

However, this summary of sources has a bit of a taste in it for everyone. There are authentic and spectacular investment pieces and also some more affordable pieces in the mix.

When we moved into ours current house a St. Louis (now over seven years ago) we slowly started to turn it into a house we loved. One of the most important ways we did it, continually giving it a traditional, timeless feel, was lighting.

In fact, brass can also be easily translated into a more modern look. In ours lake house, we went with a Modern coastal style, and brass lighting also looks fantastic.

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I love brass light fixtures, but again … I’m a fan of all brass things! Don’t miss this Brass door knob publication as well as details about ours Un lacquered brass hardware i Brass faucet.

Read on to find a full summary of all of our favorite brass lamps (and soft antique brass lamps that only look like real brass) over the years.

Why you will love brass lighting

  • Cast a Warm and welcoming bright, even when not lit.
  • It feels traditional
  • Timeless: Authentic brass never goes out of style
  • It works with any era of the home, whether historic or newly built and everything in between
  • Variety of prices

Brass ceiling lights and recessed brass lights

It can be difficult to get brass ceiling light sources. Recessed brass lights are even harder to find. Below you will see some of the classic and charming choices we have made over the years.

Like these copper lanterns in the hallway, below.

Font | No longer available: similar Lightweight built-in assembly of 3 brass

A corridor with two recessed brass lights.

And this new built-in brass assembly that we just installed in ours Modern laundry update.

Font | Recessed light

A brass ceiling lamp in a modern laundry room.

This classic vintage-inspired glass and brass light fixture will bring charm to any corner of your home.

Font | Luminaire

mud brass lamp with brick floors

Alexa Hampton designed this natural brass basil stand – it’s a checkered design that’s timeless and beautiful.

Font | Flat assembly of basil

An office with a formal wooden desk and a brass ceiling.

Hanging brass lights

For our new cream kitchen, we knew we wanted a truly personalized look with a warm, authentic brass that would age elegantly over time. Find all the details about these Brass Island Lights here.

brass lanterns on the kitchen island

Speaking of expressions: I love the casual elegance and intimacy that lanterns provide when hanging low on a dining table. I finally bought the natural brass flashlight I have seen for years.

Brass lantern fountain | Brass lantern

brass lantern on wooden dining table and cow paint behind

Brass bathroom lights

In our bathrooms, we have tended to choose less expensive accessories, opting to spend our budget on brass hardware that should withstand daily use.

In this bathroom, as shown below, we used a nautical-inspired brass bath lamp.

Font | Nautical brass wall light

A blue and white bathroom with brass bathroom lights.

Font | Double white and brass wall light

white and brass light on wicker mirror and blue dressing table

Font | Double navy and gold wall light

double wall light on bathroom mirror and sink

And here, incredibly cheap gold sconces to go between the girls ’bathroom mirrors.

Font | 2 Gold Wall Lamps

brass wall light on mirror and sink in the bathroom

Brass wall sconces

Brass wall sconces can go far beyond the bathroom. Consider using a brass wall app in any reading corner or area where you want more light.

If you don’t have room for a lamp, wall sconces can be a great choice. Here, this brass plug-in wall light is a nod to the nautical feel of our home.

Font | Connection plug

A small corner under the stairs of a lake house with a brass wall appliqué.

And underneath, this classic brass wall light perfectly combines the traditional and the modern.

Font | Double brass wall light

A wall application of two brass branches with a touch of olive branch tied with a blue ribbon for a Scandinavian Christmas tour.

Brass spiders

In our lake house, we wanted pieces with clean lines and a modern feel. These brass chandeliers did the trick!

Font | Golden modern spider

A modern seaside living room with white furniture and a brass chandelier.

Above the new food kitchen table, this smaller version plays very well with the view in the windows.

Font | Small modern spider

modern brass chandelier with shadows on a kitchen table with flowers

In our master bedroom, we chose a romantic brass chandelier with soft, rounded curves.

Font | Chandelier chandelier

On top of our formal dining table, we have a traditional brass chandelier that fits the space perfectly.

Font | 6-light chandelier with antique brass with shadows

A round brass chandelier on a formal dining table with linen chairs, decorated for the holidays.

Modern brass installations

collage of modern brass lighting

Linear flashlight | Wall lamp | Double wall lamp

Double circle and brass wall light | Brass and glass pendant

Brass pendant |Built-in brass mounting

Frozen pendant | Small recessed mounting |Flush Mount School

Double wall lamp | Double spider

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