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Men’s jewelry can be a powerful tool when used correctly. Potencia, is a vehicle through which to express personality, and ends even the simplest of dresses with a flourish. Some even say you can do more.

For thousands of years, people around the world have been using jewelry as a spiritual tool. Some say that certain stones and materials have healing powers and can be used for energy protection and clothing improvement.

This belief in the energy of natural materials is the engine AWNL. This talisman jewelry brand from Stockholm, Sweden, is making some of the most interesting jewelry we have found. The secret ingredient? Meteorite. Or, to be more specific, Muonionalusta, the oldest meteorite ever discovered, which impacted northern Scandinavia more than a million years ago.

What is AWNL?

AWNL is a jewelry brand dedicated to spreading positive energy with its unique and carefully crafted designs. The Stockholm-based brand is steeped in belief in Norse mythology and the natural ability of certain materials to hold power.

From crystals to fossils, AWNL jewelry is made from rare and powerful materials with benefits for well-being and style. At the core of the collection are AWNL meteorite jewels, made from Swedish meteorites. It is reported to be one of the earliest solids formed in our solar system and has sat under the northern lights for four ice ages, until Swedish meteorite hunters found it.

Swedish mystics use pieces of this shooting star to dissipate negative energy and manifest dreams into reality. There is no denying that it looks quite special. A unique pattern arises when the meteorite is cut and etched. This is known as the Widmanstätten pattern and is only formed when hot iron-nickel alloys cool very slowly.

The collection includes bracelets, necklaces and rings, all of which are treated to prevent oxidation and protect them from scratches.

Why choose AWNL men’s jewelry?

AWNL jewelry is something different. These are not just decorations for decoration, but they are meaningful items, rooted in nature and spirituality. They make fantastic, thoughtful gifts, or even just a personal gift to promote your own well-being as you update your style in the process.

The brand works only with natural materials of the highest quality, perfecting the final product meticulously to make it as perfect as possible. The result is a range of stylish jewelry, which will make a statement while promoting positive energy.


AWNL makes a range of pearls and braids bracelets for men. They are carefully crafted with special natural materials such as semi-precious gemstones and Swedish meteorites. All bracelets are handmade in Stockholm and have unique crystal healing powers.

Beowulf’s battle with the dragon inspired AWNL Dragonblood Bracelet. It features meteorite pearls along with dragon blood jasper pearls. This beautifully colored stone brings courage, strength and vitality to those who wear it. In terms of looks, it’s subtle but attractive and versatile enough to match any outfit.

With a natural hawk eye, the Lagoon bracelet it provides protection and blessing to the wearer. It is also decorated with Muonionalusta meteorite for good luck and adds a subtle but elegant finishing touch to anything from tailoring to weekend casual wear.

AWNL double rubble bracelet it is designed to prevent harmful energies. The Swedish meteorite, centered between the pearls of the rune, amplifies the runic protective power, reinforcing its energy. Either way, this is an awesome piece of jewelry that will serve as the perfect finishing touch for your outfit.

Dark, mysterious and subtle, the Obsidian bracelet encourages self-growth and provides protection. It’s flashy and masculine, adding a dose of personality to how you want to wear it.


From subtle silver chains to intricately engraved pendants, AWNL offers some of the most exquisite necklaces around, all handmade in Sweden. Some of the pieces, like the Vajra Sword of Wisdom Pendant, are pure sterling silver (although with a bit of black onyx in this case). Others include the beautiful Swedish meteorite for which AWNL is best known.

He Dog Tag Pendant is the AWNL spiritual version of a classic military-inspired dog tag collar, with a diagonal section of Muonionalusta meteorite. It is minimalist and therefore very versatile from the point of view of clothing, but it also connects the user with nature and the cosmos thanks to its unique materials.


AWNL rings provide a more compact way to harness the power of the Swedish meteorite. The brand carefully makes each in its native Stockholm and uses only the best natural materials.

He Spaceship ring it’s great for anyone looking for something a little out of the ordinary. The ring is inspired by the designs of interstellar science-fiction spacecraft and contains meteorites to bring cosmic energy to the wearer. For something a little more understated, the Triangular ring is a simple silver design with a black onyx insert. It represents the power of three gods, Odin, Vili and Ve, and offers a subtle way to elevate your style.


With the popularity of men’s jewelry on the rise in recent months, now is a good time like never before to invest in quality pieces. And what better brand to start with than AWNL? We have great Scandinavian married people with meteorites! Call it a better background story.

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