Australia records first death in Sydney virus outbreak


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Australia on Sunday announced its first coronavirus-related death in Sydney’s current virus outbreak, as the country’s largest city struggles to control the Delta variant.

The 90-year-old woman died on Saturday, hours after testing positive for COVID-19, and was also the first to die from a locally acquired infection in Australia this year.

It came when authorities announced a record 77 new cases and warned that the numbers were expected to rise above 100 on Monday.

“Tomorrow and the days to come will be worse, much worse than what we have seen today,” said Gladys Berejiklian, New South Wales State Prime Minister.

Sydney reaches its third week of blockade, but the number of new cases continues to grow in a population that is not vaccinated for the most part.

Locking rules were tightened on Friday and Berejiklian warned that orders to stay at home were expected to remain in place unless a dramatic turnaround occurred.

“Given where we are and the closure was supposed to be withdrawn on Friday, everyone can say it’s very unlikely at this stage, given where the numbers are,” he said.

Sydney has registered 566 new infections since the outbreak began in mid-June.

While this is low compared to most cities in the world, Australia has adopted a zero tolerance approach to widespread community transmission throughout the pandemic.

Authorities have been quick to impose restrictions in an attempt to eradicate the groups prematurely, and the country’s borders remain largely closed, with only 10% of Australians fully vaccinated.

The government launched a new advertising campaign on Sunday encouraging people to “arm themselves” against COVID-19 by making spikes, even though vaccines have not yet been offered to most under-40s.

Medical Director Paul Kelly said other “graphic” ads would be aired in Sydney urging people to follow house arrest orders as police step up enforcement amid reports that the rules were being violated. it was wide.

Australia has recorded just over 31,000 cases of COVID-19 and 911 deaths in a population of about 25 million to date.

Sydney reinforces the blockade as Delta’s outbreak intensifies

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