Atlantic Health System expands online programming to patients through Kyruus


What you should know:

Atlantic health system, a leading non – profit health care system in New Jersey, has expanded its use of the Kyruus ProviderMatch® platform to provide consumers with convenient online programming on their website. The healthcare system has experienced a rapid adoption of both new and existing patients with thousands of appointments booked online during the first five months.

– The organization has been leveraging the Kyruus provider directory platform for five years, and thanks to this expansion, patients can now find and schedule care online. Last year, the team relied on its initial work to make it easier for people to find the right care, also allowing them to book visits through ProviderMatch DirectBook, which uses direct integration with the healthcare system’s EHR to show the availability of appointments and facilitate a perfect schedule. Although Atlantic Health System had previously offered online bookings, the team switched to the Kyruus solution to provide a more intuitive consumer experience and increase conversion.

Positive results from online programming Adoption of Kyruus

Atlantic Health System focused the first phase of its online programming initiative on primary care, expanding digital access to nearly three hundred primary care providers in May. The organization has seen an equally strong adoption of new and existing patients, with more than 40 percent of online appointments coming from new patients to date. Atlantic Health System has also activated online scheduling for screening mammograms in its first phase, allowing people to book visits to 10 locations. In particular, accrued to primary care and mammograms, more than 40 percent of online bookings were made outside of normal business hours.

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