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Five people, including three children, were injured in the crash, which occurred when a speedboat crashed into a cargo ship.

At least 26 people have died after a speedboat full of passengers collided with a boat carrying sand in the latest maritime disaster that struck Bangladesh.

Police said Monday that the speedboat carrying about 36 passengers from the city of Mawa crashed into the other boat on the Padma River, near the rural town of Shibchar.

“So far we have recovered 26 bodies, including a woman. We also rescued five injured, including three children, “said police official Amir Hossain.

Hossain said the bow of the passenger ship was destroyed when the speedboat crashed into the side of the transport ship and quickly sank.

The speedboat was carrying passengers in violation of government restrictions during a national coronavirus shutdown, said Rahima Khatun, a senior government official in the area.

Several divers and local people recovered 26 bodies of water and searched for those who were still missing.

Witness Abdur Rahman said there was a loud noise when the ships collided and the ships capsized.

“When we rushed to the site we found the speedboat broken into two pieces. Hundreds of villagers immediately began carrying out rescue work before police and firefighters joined them, ”he said.

Slow ferry transport

Bangladesh is building the country’s largest road and railway bridge near the scene of the accident, and police said officers were immediately at the scene.

Construction work has slowed ferry transport to the river, causing many to travel on safer speedboats, which take only about 15 minutes to make the crossing in contrast to up to two hours by ferry.

Khatun said the driver of the speedboat would be investigated because he appeared to have hit the transport boat, which was moored at the time.

“An investigation into the accident has been ordered,” he said.

Maritime accidents are common in Bangladesh, a delta nation crossed by hundreds of rivers.

Authorities blame poor maintenance, lax safety regulations at shipyards and the overcrowding of many of the accidents.

Ships carrying sand are down in the water and can be difficult to see in rough conditions, especially when the light is poor.

In early April, more than 30 people were killed when a ferry full of 50 passengers heading home from the central city of Narayanganj before the impending coronavirus shutdown collided with a larger cargo ship.

In June last year, a ferry sank in the capital Dhaka after being hit from behind by another ferry, killing at least 32 people.

In February 2015, at least 78 people died when an overcrowded ship collided with a cargo ship.

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