At least 18 dead in fire at China’s martial arts center China News


Most of the victims of the fire were children housed in facilities in Henan Province.

On Friday, in China, a fire broke out that killed 18 people with most of the child victims staying there.

The fire broke out at three in the morning (Thursday at 19:00 GMT) and was later extinguished, the Zhecheng County government in Henan Province said on its website.

It was unclear what caused the fire, which also injured 16 people, four of whom were in serious condition, the county government said.

Police arrested the head of the center. He did not identify the person or the training center.

Most of the victims were students between the ages of seven and 16 who were on the second floor of the center, the Beijing Youth Daily reported in a report, although the story was later deleted from the newspaper’s website.

In one of China’s most horrific fires, 309 people died at a nightclub in Luoyang City, also in Henan, on Christmas Day 2000. Most of the victims drowned in the smoky ballroom. , which had only two emergency exits, and no sprinklers or smoke alarms.

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