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Can you increase your Google search rankings by using the right keywords in your H1 tags?

And how many H1 tags should you use on each web page, anyway?

Over the years, there has been much debate and misunderstanding about how Google perceives H1 content.

So are H1 tags really a Google ranking factor? Let me see.

The claim: H1 tags as a classification factor

Many “best practices” and recommendations on H1 labels have circulated over the years. Between them:

  • You should use many keyword-laden H1 tags to rank more in specific keywords.
  • You should only have one H1 tag per webpage or Google will penalize you. (With algorithmic degradation? A manual penalty? Fifty eyelashes with wet noodles in the town square?).
  • You should use your main keyword at the beginning of the H1 tag and your secondary keywords at the H2 tags, and so on to tell Google which terms you want to rank.
  • You only need to use an H1 tag and it should be the first text item on the page.

If you’re confused about the conflicting information on this topic, I don’t blame you.

After all, this is the highlight [how to use H1 tags] at the time of writing:

As you can see below, this contradicts everything Google has been telling us about H1 tags for many, many years.

Let’s take …

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