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Meet the new occupant, just like the old occupant.

Palestinians understand that the exchange of one evangelical extremist as Israeli prime minister for another evangelical extremist will not change a single fool of how Israel is methodically done, a day after the overthrow, committing apartheid in occupied Palestine .

If there was any doubt about this predictable score, the new bombing of Gaza last week produced additional evidence. The new boy is as quick as the ex-man to remind the world that he will use the same lethal apparatus to traumatize, mutilate and kill as many Palestinians as Israel wants, as long as Israel wants, for whatever reason Israel wants, for as long as Israel he wants it, and except for little Ireland, no prime minister or president will do or say anything about it.

However, Israel is obliged, as a futile and harmful public relations exercise, to plot one of the well-known litany of “provocations” to justify traumatizing, mutilating and killing as many Palestinians as it wants, whenever it wants, by any means it wants and for as long as you want.

This time, Israeli attack planes, which destroyed $ 110 million per piece, destroyed more of Gaza for several days after briefly setting fire to barren plots of barren fields drained by so-called full “incendiary” balloons. of helium and tied by Palestinians “Militants” with rope.

“Provocations” are a tired, exculpatory pantomime.

Whether it’s balloons, shooters, burned tires, stars, rocks or glorified and metallic firecrackers, Israel knows it enjoys free permission from outside The Hague to traumatize, mutilate and kill as many Palestinians as it wants, always whoever he wants, by whatever means he wants, for whatever reason he wants, for as long as he wants, and no Prime Minister or President outside of Ireland will do or say anything about it.

Therefore, it does not matter what name the name of the last Israeli prime minister is, what racist and crazy party he leads, or how he and his conspirators were able, with a supposed Machiavellian-like ability, to adopt a precarious coalition to finally get rid of the ex-boyfriend. It remains an indelible constant: the machinery of apartheid continues, day after the day of the mill, in occupied Palestine, as it has been since the middle of the last century.

Here’s another constant: Like the old and fanatical Israeli prime minister, the new and fanatical Israeli prime minister also knows that most TV and newspaper editors in Western establishments pay fleeting attention to what Israel has done and is doing to the Palestinians. in occupied Palestine only when Israel decides to bomb the Palestinians in occupied Palestine.

This means that every few years or so, after the explosions of the “bang-bang”, that is, a journalist’s language for when the instruments of war are “booming”, invisible Palestinians usually appear in the Western cable news networks and Western daily opinion pages to talk or write about how Palestinians have and continue to be dispossessed of their homes and lands, imprisoned, tortured, traumatized, mutilated and killed by a long succession of thugs in suits and uniforms.

This is another trivial pantomime.

Offering Palestinians some time and space to chronicle or condemn Israel’s crimes allows Western television and Western television newspaper editors to congratulate themselves on their equanimity and boast: “You see, the Palestinians also have their say ”.

Meanwhile, these same television and newspaper publishers refuse to acknowledge that Israel has been found guilty by human rights groups of practicing apartheid – as defined by international law and not as a hyperbolic bush – and, since its inception. , has exercised the license card not only to steal Palestinian homes and land, but to imprison, torture, traumatize, mutilate and kill Palestinians with impunity.

All the harassment they can harbor privately with the violent and illegal means Israel uses to systematically steal Palestinian homes and land or how many Palestinians imprison, torture, traumatize, mutilate and murder Israel, most TV and newspaper editors Westerners have always publicly defended Israel’s “right”. to do all this, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Challenging Israel’s “right” to defend itself from the existential threat posed by balloons, sleds, burned tires, stars, rocks, or glorified firecrackers would be a sacrilegious act of geopolitical heresy.

This canonical editorial support for Israel is an almost textual reflection of the equally pleading attitude toward Israel shared by most Western prime ministers and presidents whenever their ally and friend choose to unleash more “bang-bang” on Palestinians imprisoned in occupied Palestine, already seriously wounded. .

Here is a Canadian space man turned Foreign Minister Marc Garneau, who not only rejects, like the TV and newspaper editors who claim to be held accountable, any finding, from anywhere, that Israel is a state of apartheid, but which implies, hysterically, what etiquette ”is an anti-Semitic trope.

“The position of the liberal government is extremely clear on the issue of apartheid etiquette,” Garneau said recently. “We categorically reject it … and, of course, we are completely against any anti-Semitism.”

When he is inevitably replaced as Foreign Secretary by another pedestrian letter-reading mannequin, Garneau could become an editorial writer in any of the Canadian newspapers that write his standard apology every time Israel traumatizes, mutilates and it kills Palestinians with its unlimited arsenal of “bang-bangs” supplied by nice arms dealers in Ottawa and beyond.

The corollary of this stubborn phenomenon is, of course, that when the big sustained “bang-bang” exhibitions stop, most Western TV and newspaper editors stop inviting Palestinians to talk or write about how Israel continues to rob its homes and land, and prisons, torture, trauma, mutilation and kill Palestinians with impunity in occupied Palestine.

Invariably, this translates into far fewer “live hits” by television journalists – largely in the midst of security and the welcoming Mr. Tel Aviv – who describe the latest “spasm” of the “conflict.” “for decades” he has had caused death and suffering for “both parties” to almost the same extent.

And the fortunate “voices” that garnered a rare snippet of time and space on cable news networks and in newspaper columns to convey the Palestinian “perspective” during Israel’s deadly Indian shooting in Gaza disappear because the its symbolic presence is no longer necessary to provide the public with the patina of balance and equity.

In fact, the fact that Israel has resumed the bombing of Gaza is not even recorded as “news” for many Western press and television writers, most of whom, when it comes to the “situation” of the Palestinians, own the attention of a terrified person. squirrel.

Anyway, the “war” hasn’t broken out again, yet. When you do, they’ll take a momentary look back. Until then, he has quickly returned to rhetorical business as always: Israel has the “right” to defend itself blah, blah, blah and those “militant” Palestinians who continue to demand a bloody nose.

Meanwhile, it is left to the Palestinians to endure, alone and above all out of sight, the trauma, indignities and provocations that once became a routine aspect of everyday life under the drowned military occupation of Israel.

This is apartheid by stealth.

Militant and waving flags of Israeli religious fanatics can fall on Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem, shouting “Death to the Arabs” and “let your people be burned” and television and newspaper editors shrinking.

A brother and a sister who went on social media to expose the likely expulsion of Palestinians from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood by rabid force are arrested and the editors of television and newspapers are shrinking.

More than 2,000 Palestinians are dragged like cattle and imprisoned shortly after a “ceasefire” is announced to resist the inexorable destruction of occupied Palestine and its peoples, and television and newspaper editors shrink. .

Heavily armed Israeli hoods, euphemistically called “security forces,” storm the Al-Aqsa mosque and fired rubber bullets coated with rubber, tear gas and stun grenades, wounding dozens of worshipers, and television and newspaper editors. they shrug.

An eleven-year-old Palestinian boy, Mazen Bessam, is being held and “detained” by the hooded men – allegedly to keep Israel safe – while his little sister weeps and demands his release, and television and newspaper editors are on fire. of shoulders.

As Human Rights Watch and others have documented in precise and persuasive detail, the Israeli execution of apartheid never ceases. He is engaged against the Palestinians before, during, and after the fickle sounds and looks of the “bang-bang” that temporarily attract the worried attention of TV and newspaper editors who would rather, I suspect, speak and write about Donald Trump’s crazy reflections.

The “bang-bang” is part of the continuing ruthless systemic and state-sanctioned persecution of Palestinians throughout occupied Palestine.

The reluctance and failure of Western television and newspaper editors to admit this demonstrable fact and fundamentally recalibrate their coverage of what is happening to the Palestinians “on the ground” in occupied Palestine makes them complicit in the explicit consequences, inhuman and disfiguring the persistence and unexcused practice of apartheid.

The occasional appearance of a Palestinian on television or in the print media every time Israel repeats its explosive “bang-bang” program is hardly a reparation for this ubiquitous and shameful blindness.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial stance of Al Jazeera.

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