Anytime Fitness announces the launch of a new gym in Totton by the end of April


Earlier in the week, Anytime Fitness made an official announcement stating that by the end of April it shall unveil its latest “Anytime Fitness gym” in Salisbury road in the former Countrywide store.”

Anytime Fitness also said that the gym will be open all day, seven days a week, to the ease of its member to work out anytime during the day as per their preference.

Given that the firm went into administration back in the previous year, the news of the closure of Countrywide in Totton emerged.

According to the manager of Anytime Fitness Club, Graham Mortimer, he said, “We will strive to become the number one fitness club in the area.

As per the announcement, a spin studio, a main studio, a fully functional training studio along with a State-of-the-art strength training and cardiovascular equipment shall be offered by Anytime Fitness.

Furthermore, Mortimer added, “Certified personal trainers will also be available to help you energize your workout and challenge your limits. And the most valuable add-on, when you join one club, you join them all, because your access key will give you access to any club worldwide.”

As per reports currently, Anytime Fitness owns 160 clubs in the UK and 4,000 globally.

According to a spokesperson for Anytime Fitness, “Our gyms tend to create around 20-25 jobs for people in the local area.”