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The most complete ABoston Children’s Hospital anthropometric calculator

On almost every pediatric visit, I make sure to review the child’s growth charts with parents or caregivers. Most of the time, my nursing staff and EMR do this relatively routinely. But what about a premature baby? Should I use WHO or CDC charts? Is your blood pressure normal? What if they have Down syndrome or some other chromosomal disorder? These are times when I need a aanthropometric calculator application! For some of the common general pediatric and newborn problems, we recommend your turn Updated, Invigorated, o Essential Evidence Plus. We also love to use I ordered QuikCalc, i Baby weight tools. All of these are reasonable and contain similar information. Pedi QuikCalc deserves a special shout out. The application for Kent Bonney, MD, is truly a Swiss Army knife of an app as it performs drug dosages, resuscitation drug calculations, newborn weight loss calculations, and information on bilirubin monitoring and treatment. ; the app is cheap, but it still costs $ 4.99.

But if you just want a free app, as it costs nothing, then, as usual, Dr. Joshua Steinberg’s baby weight tools are the ones to beat, as it doesn’t just do the “hard math” for loss. of baby’s weight before birth. for discharge / follow-up, it also predicts weight gain for non-growing babies (FTT). However, none of these apps cover ALL the possible weight-related problems (and BP) we encounter when it comes to caring for children. Dr. Daniel Metzger, pediatric endocrinologist, a Boston Children’s Hospital has created the excellent AnthroCalc application which apparently brings together all the anthropometric calculators that exist in an application. The app covers basic WHO and CDC growth charts, but is distinguished by including premature baby charts, PA charts, and charts for syndromes like Down and Turner.

Evidence-based medicine

AnthroCalc contains keys to premature, term and general pediatrics, as well as pediatric development inanthropometric calculators. So far it’s the most complete collection I’ve seen in a single app. It even includes BP calculators. The application comes from Dr. Daniel Metzger of Boston Children’s Hospital. Includes references to the most current guidelines of the WHO, NIH, CDC, AAP aanthropometric calculations. While some of these guidelines are based on expert opinion, they remain the standard of care.

Which providers will benefit from this app?

Students, residents, middle grades, nurses, Family Medicine, Pediatricians, Neonatologists, Emergency Medicine. Any provider treating newborns / babies, pediatric patients.


O Free

I like

  • Easy to use, fast calculations, excellent graphics / graphics capability
  • Numerous growth calculators, blood pressure, syndromes and premature babies
  • Available for Android

Does not like

  • There are no hyperlinks for references
  • Cannot switch between CDC / WHO with easily saved data
  • The interface is completely black and white, which can be hard to see for some


I had been looking for one dedicated toAnthropometric calculator application since my previous favorite was suspended some time ago. While some other pediatric apps have basic growth charts and others have calculators / PA charts, no app other than AnthroCalc has both in addition to the plethora of syndromic and premature calculators. It is a wonderful Swiss Army knife application and also easy to use. All providers caring for newborns and pediatric patients could benefit from this app. The app is also available for Android.

Total score

O 4.5 stars


O 4.5 stars

Intuitive, fast and responsive categories, drop-down menus.

Multimedia use

O 4.5 stars

All calculators integrated in the application, quality graphical function, references but without hyperlinks.


O 5 stars

A great free resource.

Applicability to the real world

O 5 stars

The AnthroCalc app by Daniel Metzger, MD, is the most comprehensive atAnthropometric calculator application available. The app saves vendors a lot of time by making these calculations quick and easy with quality graphics capabilities. In addition, for these pediatricians and developmental pediatricians, AnthroCalc includes unique calculations that are not seen in most pediatric applications, such as blood pressure, syndromes like Down, and calculations of premature babies. The app also includes the traditional ht, wt, HC for both CDC and WHO. Highly recommended.

Device used for review

O iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 14.0.1

Available for download by iPhone, iPad, i Android.

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