Announcing the winners of the Cannabis and Tech Today package draw


Legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s all.” This is especially true for gifts.

If you have registered for Cannabis and technology today Golden Ticket award package, winner is yet it’s time to find out who won!

What is the gift of the Cannabis & Tech Today awards package?

To celebrate the return of MJBizCon, Cannabis and technology today partnered with Fluence Bioengineering to create the Golden Ticket Prize package.

Participants had several options to enter the contest, from joining the Cannabis and technology today newsletter to register live for MJBizCon 2021 or take part in the online draw.

A few special participants even found golden tickets, suitable for 20 tickets, at MJBizCon at the autumn theme Cannabis and technology today.

Prize package by numbers

The awards package was sponsored by more than a dozen amazing companies offering more than 25 awards worth a grand total of nearly $ 15,000.

With MJBizCon receiving nearly 27,000 guests over three days and 4,000 copies of the fall issue available on the site, there were many potential Golden Ticket winners walking the runway.

Several lucky people located a coveted gold ticket and sent it to them to have a chance to win.

Hundreds of people entered the competition using QR codes visible on the exhibition floor, at the publication stand and online by subscribing to CannaTech concentrate or participating through social media.

Drum please …

Of the many, many enthusiastic applicants who couldn’t wait to get $ 15,000 in prizes, only thirteen people could win.

And now – also please – the winners of 2021 Cannabis and technology today Awards Presented by Fluence:

Winners of the runner-up

The first runner-up is Eric Berman, who will win the prizes described below, as well as a surprise gift: a Tom’s Tumbler TTT 1600 Cutter without crank blade!

The other consolation prize winners are Christopher Brookins, Ashley Manning, Kev Ward, Dean Sant, Dan McMahon, Erick Gustafson, Lee Berman, Clinton Owen and Nick Davies. All console winners will receive a limited time print subscription to Cannabis and technology today (US addresses only) and Zig Zag: Three (3) boxes of mini 100 bulk count 1 ¼ or King size unbleached cones.

Third place winner

Third-place winner Paul Rando will be taken home Fluence Spydr 2i lighting, a Trojan horse Gift bag, one Smart pot transplanter, a Genius pipe, from Zig Zag – two (2) 1 ¼ or King size bulk bleached cone boxes, Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference Swag, a time-limited print subscription to Cannabis and technology today (US addresses only) and $ 200 in gift cards.

Second place winner

Second place winner Eboni Carter wins one Green goddess supply closet, Rocket seed starter set, a Geni Pipa, a Packed Paybotic travel bag, from Zig Zag: four (4) boxes of 1 ¼ bulk unbleached King cones, Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference Swag, a time-limited print subscription to Cannabis and technology today (US addresses only) and $ 200 in gift cards.

Grand Prix winner

Grand Prix winner Patrick Hughes wins one STM Canna Mini Rocketbox +, real memories of the Redman tour, an autographed box of Wilfred CBD smokes, a Zig Zag Genius Pipe: Six (6) Boxes of Unbleached Bulk Cone 1 ¼ King Size + 5% Discount on Cone Orders for a Quarter, Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference Swag and a Print Subscription for time limited to Cannabis and technology today (US based addresses only).

The small print with validation and acceptance

The winners of the draw were selected at random.

Winners may be required to sign and return a sworn statement of eligibility, advertising, and disclaimer within fourteen (14) days of notification.

If a potential winner cannot be contacted within a reasonable period of time, if the potential winner is ineligible, if any notification cannot be submitted, or if the potential winner does not fully comply with these Official Rules, he / she will lose his / her account. this Prize, and weather permitting, will randomly draw an alternate winner from among all remaining Sweepstakes entries.

The real stars of the show

Special thanks to the amazing sponsors of the Golden Ticket Prize draw Fluence Bioengineering, Paybotic, Green Goddess Supply, STM Canna, Tom’s Tumbler, Rocket Seeds, Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference, Surna, Wilfred Cannabis Pre-Rolls, Genius Pipe, Trojan Horse Cannabis, Accelerated Growth Solutions and CTI Processing.

What’s next?

The fun doesn’t stop now that the prizes have been won!

Stay tuned everyone Cannabis and today’s technology social channels for ongoing updates on how winners use their new sweet equipment.

Will the recipient of the Fluence Spydr 2i Lighting grow larger plants than ever before? Will the winner of the STM Rocket Box Mini create a pre-roll ladder to outer space?

Find out the answers to your hot questions and more when you interact with @cannatechtoday on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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